Our Vision


“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”                     

Winston S Churchill


Dressing well is a passport. A passport that grants you access to both social recognition and interior confidence. To dress well is an art that few possess and its possible ownership exudes charm and charisma to the versed.  


Following our above belief, we have our principles of aesthetics and an own menswear identity to propose. The Tailor man is contemporary but of classic values, is self confident and distinguishes himself from the masses. A man that enjoys life and naturally becomes a spot of attention. This is particularly true when people that have never been customers of the brand, spot and immediately recognise Tailor garments at men while at work, walking at the street, during events.. 

Capable of producing a capturing aesthetic effect, the TAILOR garments exude class and  contemporary allure. Moreover, the seasonal collection becomes a foundation for the next to follow in such a way that when purchasing the current collection, one enriches his wardrobe in geometric progression through a mix, while adds value to previously purchased items.

We sustain our vision by paying attention to three important elements:


  • Products 

We trade a distinctive menswear identity that has a global appeal. It’s not about branding; it’s about educating customers to follow a style paradigm that matches their personality. It’s also a cultural revolution that requires time to adopt and effort to implement but results in mutual satisfaction for both customers and us.


  • Costs 

We do all the way to offer luxury garments only at premium prices. It is not easy and it is not simple. We have set a direct to customer business model that involves fabric selection, model development and direct distribution in order to make sure that our customers will enjoy better prices for exclusive products. We avoid opportunities for fast profit excluding intermediaries and agents. We avoid expensive advertising campaigns in order to offer more value to people that are able to value.


  • Customer service

Our customers mean everything to us! We work in a dedicated manner to satisfy our customers. Spending time to select the proper tie and to explain each quality may be old fashioned for most of the retailers today, but for us it’s a standard service. Happy customers make us smile and we often go out of our way to achieve this.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

We trade only to help create a better world. We insist therefore to select renowned suppliers that are global pioneers in setting new environmental and health standards. Garments are being produced using natural raw materials mostly of organic origin. We rest assured that our customers enjoy highest quality, safety and health standards by using our products.  


We invite you to explore, be part and enjoy the Tailor Italian Wear world projected for you!