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About the products


  • We are particularly known for offering a distinctive men's suit and jacket collection. Ranging from business suits, suits for wedding, to modern blazers, it certainly stands out from regular offerings. 


  • Our collection also includes a careful selection of men's shirts and trousers of high quality and impeccable fitting, some handmade leather shoes and accessories. An ever expanding part is the active wear collection of jogger trousers and T-shirts as well as jackets in tecnical fabrics and exclusively designed sneakers.  


  • Proud ambassadors of the Neapolitan style of tailoring, TAILOR represents a menswear identity based on sophisticated patterns and tailored details. Undisputed quality, unique fitting and flattering effect. 


  • We work directly with the most renowned Italian mills sourcing the most exclusive fabrics only to be manufactured by a small number of dedicated tailoring labs ‘Sartorie’ in Italy. We therefore produce 100% made in Italy products, directly and without intermediaries, in order to offer to our customers a unique value for money option opting though at the premium and luxury menswear segment.


  • Our offer is vast and eclectic and can satisfy most demanding tastes at a variety of occasions. Capable of producing a  capturing esthetic effect, the TAILOR garments exude class and a contemporary allure. Furthermore, the seasonal collection forms a foundation for the next to follow in a way that our clients enrich their wardrobe adding value to their previously purchased items.


We invite you to explore, purchase and review the Tailor Italian Wear range of products designed for you!