Spring brings a new scent at TAILOR

2018 | 02 | 21
Spring brings a new scent at TAILOR

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Spring brings a new scent at TAILOR

New collection, an established new line, more value for your money. What else?

by TAILOR Creative Department on February 17

As nature reborns at spring, we too feel the urge to renew ourselves and our wardrobe. For this particular season we thought that a simple change in seasonal garments would not be enough. Anyway, boring menswear was never our case! There you go then, with two highlights that should intrigue your will to try, sense and acquire parts of this special collection.

We invite you to enjoy this season’s journey by both our physical stores and online sales platform to get a mix of ideas and information, necessary to become a part of our beautiful world!





The Week’s establishment


by TAILOR Creative Department on February 16

Last winter we launched the ‘Week’, a new ambitious line that demanded several years of research and thorough effort. Its key elements are top quality, a slightly more relaxed attitude and an unbeatable value for money rapport. This season’s bringing a brand extension of the Week to include shoes, polos and formal wear. 

We sincerely believe that last season’s boom of this line will continue at an even greater extend as consumers tend to feel more and more sensitive to cost effect.




Groom yourself!



by TAILOR Sales Department on February 16

Along with the warm season, it’s inevitable to point out many couples’ choice to get engaged or married during those months. Acquiring a TAILOR groom's suit at this unique moment has ever been very popular and we are very happy to finally become somehow part of this wonderful experience.

What are those qualities though that make us different from other market options or self defined ‘experts’ of the sector?


We trade top quality garments.

Quality is tangible! One can sense it by touch, by vision, certainly not by the sound one makes to convince you that a product is right for you. At TAILOR we offer true Made in Italy, made by Italian manufacturers of excellence. Fabrics include prestigious biellese fabrics such as Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico.


We set an aesthetic example

We have clear ideas of elegance and a particular sense of taste. Beauty is a science that few are capable to understand. All garments that form our collection are supposed to the laws of this science. That something we do and makes our clients become talk of the town.


We are here to serve you

 We are a team of people ready to advice you, guide you and do some personal tailoring for you at no extra cost! We will explain you styles, quality and fitting in order to successfully conclude your selection.


Apart from professional advices that our sales consultants are ready to provide you, here is a list of things that a groom shall never miss:

  • The pocket square - It is essential and we have been proposing this particular accessory ever since our history began. We consider it a must for such a day!


  • The tie - Yes, neckties are not always popular, but one cannot be elegant without a tie or bow tie at such an occasion. Rarely an open shirt could handle a long event without losing its initial rigid form. If you insist though, go for a spread collar!


  • The white shirt - If you have to wear a white shirt once in your life, that’s the case. Nothing more appropriate for this day.


  • The trousers length - We are for the proper length at trousers. That means that trousers should barely touch the shoes and by no means fold. But excessively short trousers that unveil ankles is not either advisable.


  • Leather sole shoes - A classic derby or a Berluti is the men’s equivalent of high heels for women. Enjoy your sneakers and mocassins another day!


  • A natural flower in your lapel button hole - Button holes at lapels should be real and you could add a white rose or some other kind of flower you enjoy to give an extra twist at your presence.


  • Remember to smile and have a relaxed attitude! Unfortunately, you cannot buy this from us, but you certainly will wear the clothes that make you feel this way...