Men's coats: 3+1 tips to choose the right one!

Men's coats: 3+1 tips to choose the right one!


Only recently, young men discover pieces of men΄s wardrobe that symbolize an airy elegance but also a more masculine image synonym of high quality men's clothing. Such is the men's overcoatwhich, although it has not changed dramatically in years, has also been subject of its own creative revival. New styles and colors came to be added to this classic but ultimately versatile garment.


The right men's coat


Let's decode the factors you need to focus on before choosing the right to buy:


Men's Coat Quality

Obviously, it is the most important parameter when choosing the right coat. Quality unfortunately or fortunately is easily perceived by the naked eye and rarely tricks the senses like touch and vision. It is better to buy a classic and good-quality coat than to buy this item as a trendy theme.

Men's coats are usually made of wool - with the noblest of those being mixed or pure cashmere - but lately you can also find new technical and quality raw materials such as polyamide added to traditional woolen fabrics.




Updated fit

Having successfully passed the question of quality, we focus on the issue of fitting, as trends in this field are evolving faster than we think. The key word here is 'flattering'. The icon of the traditional coat is the clumsy one that makes you look somehow square instead.

The men's coats that have their roots in the Italian tailoring tradition have some characteristics that make them unique. Traditionally, without pads, the unwanted square image of the industrial product suddenly disappears. The lapels and its variants, the belt in the back part known as martingalla, highlight parts of the body, such as the chest and the waist.



Today, trends also vary in the style factor with many choices available for a man who wants to match coats with a range of different clothes and occasions. A primary differentiation parameter is between single-breasted or double-breasted coats.

Surely the single-breasted coat is a more widespread version because it is easier to adopt in everyday life and less demanding for bodies with proportions that are not always perfect. The double-breasted jacket is also popular, but it also demands a more updated lifestyle and a more elegant wardrobe.



Bonus: Colours and designs


Social media is a source of inspiration for the man's coat presented in endless shapes, designs and colors that provoke but also disorient the man in search of his next purchase. Before deciding, the following parameters must be taken into consideration:

  • A coat designed in checks or stripes is not easily matched with similarly designed clothes and its purchase requires the presence of at least two or three  plain in your closet. 
  • Blue and gray are the simplest coats to be matched with both knits and sneakers or with the jacketand tie.
  • If you want to opt for something different but contemporary, try a coat in military green or light beige and camel.