Top 5 men's styling tips: the dos & donts

Top 5 men's styling tips: the dos & donts

Whether you are just a young man coping to mix and match clothing, or an experienced consumer who wants to simply refresh his wardrobe, there are some common mistakes to be avoided. We are here to give you the 5 most important dos and donts! 

#1: Avoid the wrong tie!

This is a classic one, and perhaps the one with the greater effect on dress. A wrong tie can be wrong because it’s either outdated in style / color or pattern. 

The first big mistake many ignore is that ties follow trends that are mainly expressed  in style and patterns and we do suggest - when buying a new suit or jacket - to match a couple of ties with. Ties tend to change at their bottom pointed width and may vary from 6 cm to 11 cm depending on trends, with 7.0 cm to 7.5 cm width being the actual trend and an 8.0 cm width representing a classic tie. 

A second mistake concerns the tie pattern. Patterns can also be outdated as they follow trends. As a rule of thumb avoid mixing too many colours and patterns at your attire and in doubt select a blue plain tie, you can never be wrong. Also a huge turn off is the bright coloured plain tie matched with a dark suit in strong contrast (red, purple, yellow etc.). 

Other mistakes include wearing a summer tie with a winter suit and vice versa. Instead, begin with ton sur ton combos with the tie being always slighter darker than the jacket. These choices will safely guide you to weddings, interviews and all day long commitments .

#2: Don't invest in a black suit 

Another mistake most people make is to purchase a black men’s suit as a first suit at their effort to build a wardrobe. Many believe that it matches nearly everything and that it can be used as a business suit while its jacket could be a single blazer.

None of these assumptions are true. In fact, this garment has a very limited range of use as it can only be worn in very specific circumstances of formal character and it matches well only a few shirts (white and black) as well as limited accessories.

Furthermore, if you ask someone who works in a business environment will advise you avoid wearing a black suit during daytime at the office.

So if you want a jolly in your wardrobe you should start with a navy blue or charcoal gray that is way more versatile than a black suit and you can mix and match in so many ways.

#3: Avoid poor quality shoes

A third mistake is about shoes. What most people do is spare from investing on a good quality pair of shoes. Instead they opt for poor quality shoes crafted at outdated lasts that can literally downgrade the total look. Our advice is to give a little extra money and go on to buy a good quality and timeless shoe - better off if at an english last that is classic and elegant. Can be dark brown or black, tip toe or loafer, with a rubber sole or leather stitched, it doesn’t matter as long as it is made with genuine leather and the last looks good and comfortable at your feet. 

#4: Don't accessorize too much 

The fourth mistake we often see men trying to make in their personal style is that they mix a lot of different clothes and accessories at the same time.

But this usually has the opposite effect of what initially aimed at. For example, you can see men trying to copy styles from TV series, wearing colourful patterned socks, bracelets and a tie clip...Mixing styles altogether is a sign of ignorance and shall be avoided. Instead keep it light and airy adding only a few accessories that match your personality.

#5: Adopt your own fixed benchmark 

Mistake nr. 5, and this is very important, is lack of consistency in style. Most men try new things and follow trends as they come and go, choose different garments from different brands but they do not adopt a certain style. Obtaining products from different brands without any common reference point between them, can have a catastrophic result for your image and pocket. Instead, choose a brand with a well defined dressing code that could fit your personality and flatter your body type. That could really help you build a valid wardrobe and save you unnecessary trouble.

We at Tailor Italian Wear are commited to assist you with any styling question you may have and help you create your own styling identity. Discover all our pieces in our e-shop and find your desired menswear.