Quarantine style for men

Nobody could imagine how our lives would change when news broadcasted the first Covid-19 cases in Wuhan, China. Couple a months after, the virus had already started to spread in Europe and then the US and suddenly we have been imposed restrictions measures that radically changed our lives and attitudes. This is a moment that people have to look after their safety first but also sustain their moods. 

We are naturally social beings that love to interact with one another and go out, have fun, appear attractive and show up somehow. Fear has somehow affected all of these and as many governments set long lasting lockdowns for citizens, most of us have been found inside homes, watching TV or smartphone screens for most of the day dressed up in pyjamas and sweatpants. Many have later realized that this unnatural way of living has severely affected their moods. What many didn’t notice is that taking care of yourself and your looks on a daily basis can be healing for you. 

Certainly this is not a time for a dinner suit or tuxedo, but nevertheless you still want to look at the mirror and feel good about yourself. Here, there is a list of things you can do to retain your style during this time and why not, perhaps distinguish yourself in professional life:

Shave  your face

Unless you want to look like a castaway, we strongly recommend shaving regularly. This is something that most men forget  or feel lazy to do, but shaving your face can motivate you to initiate and finish off tasks. Furthermore, people that look at you on a regular basis either through video calls or in food markets will certainly appreciate this form of integrity.  

Wear your favourite perfume

Scents can do a lot for our vibes and well being. Wearing your favourite perfume each morning can lift your mood up, energize and motivate you to start your day in a positive light. Afterall, aromatherapy has been used for centuries now to heal and relieve stress.

Smart dress yourself

It’s important to open your wardrobe and pick up the right outfit everyday. Don’t stick on to pyjamas and tracksuits. Although they may feel comfortable, this type of clothing can seriously disincentivize you from taking care of yourself in forms of diet choices, project completion and social interactions. Instead you can opt for pleated or elastic waistband tailored trousers and fine merino knitwear or smart casual shirts such as denim or knittedshirts. Consider replacing your odd athletic jackets for example with a knitted jacket when going out of home.

Exercise regularly

What most men experience during this time is that they have gained some extra weight. With most gyms remaining closed for safety reasons and restrictions in movement, food delivery has become a leisure option. It is important to exercise as much as you can, either through watching youtube workout videos or using your old dumbbells and your never really used treadmill. Retaining your ideal weight can do alot for your style. 

Don’t neglect accessories

May not sound important but men’s accessoriesare of a high importance when style is concerned. It shows a man that puts attention to detail and sometimes this is a factor that makes a difference in all aspects of life. So don’t forget to add a belt in your trousers or a pocket square in your jacket. Perhaps, equally important to wear your favourite jewelry items either being a ring or a bracelet that defines your personal style.

Plus tip

Smile! Stylish men are usually confident and are not afraid to spread their optimism across their communities.It is particularly important in this doom and gloom period to be positively charged and transmit it around.   

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