Men's fashion Summer 2020: The collection

Men's fashion Summer 2020: The collection

The TAILOR Italian Wear menswear collection aims to express the brand's identity. Men's fashion summer 2020 expresses global lifestyle trends and evolving men's fashion trends.


Men's fashion Summer 2020


Mixing these two elements leads to forming a designer men's fashion line of garments that:

  • They are connected in harmony with each other
  • They are suitable at any moment of the day
  • And on any occasion.

We offer a complete men's wardrobe for the summer of 2020. The menswear line is divided according to quality characteristics, style and wearability. Below, instead of reviewing menswear collections and runway fashion trends, we present 4 men's fashion trends.


1.Easy Wear

Today there is a global trend for comfort. Fashion for men follows this trend. In everyday men's clothing, comfort is paramount. This trend for comfortable clothes is expressed in summer fashion in addition to high quality and impeccable fit.

Men's jersey knitted jackets

The jersey fabric is special in that it has a sense of elasticity and comfort. As a result, it fits perfectly in a business casual outfit. But it is also a casual jacket, ideal for everyday wear. Blue jackets and gray knit jackets are essential for casual wear. Our advice is to try wearing a jersey knit jacket. The pleasant sensation will immediately conquer you. You will then discover how easy it is to combine it with your clothes. Like all men's jackets, we recommend that you pay attention to the tailoring details and fit. TAILOR Italian Wear knitted jackets tick all the boxes regarding this argument.


Jogger trousers

In practice, synonymous with men's trousers with elastic waist. It is a fast growing category. The jogger pants of the TAILOR Italian Wear line have unique quality characteristics. This is due to the fact that they mix sartorial elements of elegant trousers with the comfort of the elastic waistband. In addition, they are available in quality Italian fabrics, chosen exclusively for the brand. This results in men's jogger pants that exude comfort, Italian style and superior quality. You can find them in cool wool in black and blue. Or even cotton jogger pants perfect for casual fashion. We recommend adding men's drawstring pants to your wardrobe. You will see that they become one of your most loved garments.

Technical stretch shirts and knitted shirts in cotton jerseys

TAILOR Italian Wear enjoys a privileged partnership with the most prestigious cotton mills in the Italian textile industry. Through these synergies, it offers innovative products and unique menswear experiences. The technical shirt with stretch properties is one of them. An experience to try. In addition, the customers of the brand enjoy men's knitted shirts of natural elasticity. The knitted jersey shirts embrace the body pleasantly, offering absolute comfort.

Cotton jersey T-shirt

T-shirts are a daily choice for the summer heat. Men's clothing for the summer of 2020 puts t-shirts in a leading role. T-shirts often replace men's shirts. Even in the case of an elegant summer style. In the easy wear trend, t-shirts are not just a casual garment. A jersey t-shirt supports both quality and the casual character of the outfit. Obviously, without neglecting a polo shirt. The polo shirt can certainly do as a spring summer alternative to tees. The TAILOR Italian Wear fit is slim, but to fit well almost everyone.

Sneakers shoes

Men's sneakersbecome essential for easy wear fashion. With an original design, TAILOR Italian Wear sneakers are a reference in the category. Their Vibram sole offers comfort and quality in walking.


2. Italian casual

This trend of men's fashion highlights contemporary Italian fashion. Particularly noted from street style blogs, instead of a menswear show, this is the true way in which Italian men dress today. With a casual mood but always with following fashion style.

The casual suit

A new trend in men's suits is the casual suits. This consists of an unconstructed and unlined jacket and jogger trousers. We anticipated at the summer fashion collection what shall be the next summer trend. A suit of this kind, crafted from a Thomas Mason fabric, in mixed linen and cotton. This man's suit is available in two colors, beige and blue. This is a cool and at the same time comfortable suit. Such a suit can be paired with sneakers. It can also be proposed on many occasions.


The unconstructed jackets

The unlined and unconstructed jackets are a point of reference for men taking care of their style. The TAILOR Italian Wear summer 2020 collection highlights two trends. The seersucker jacket and the denim jean jacket in cotton and linen. The seersucker one is a classic summer jacket, usually available in light blue. Casual jackets in a fashion context are easy to combine and introduce.


Pleated trousers

Men's pleated trousers are the fashion that is returning. Pleats offer comfort and style, flattering a man's body. In summer we recommend pleated cotton trousers. Elegant colors of reference are white, navy blue, khaki and beige.

Linen shirts and chambray cotton shirts

The casual men's shirtsof this kind are purely summer. Delavè linen shirts and chambray cotton shirts exude coolness and casual character.

Leather sneakers and loafers

Men's shoes available in this category are white sneakers and leather loafers, usually in brown and suede.


3. Exotic luxury summer

Desire for color and a carefree summer has had a prominent position in fashion week regarding summer 2020 men's fashion. TAILOR Italian Wear proposes this fashion trend together with discreet luxury. The capsule includes precious fabrics that give unique shades. And of course, they have a cosmopolitan allure. In this mini capsule you will find a wide range of men's clothing. A complete series of men's suits, jackets, but also trousers and shirts.

Colored Summer suits

They are men's suits in shades of petrol green, pastel pink, blue sky. Unique shades that are imprinted only on precious raw materials. This is a privilege that the TAILOR clothing collection enjoys. The clothes of this trend can work well as wedding suits. Certainly for weddings of a more relaxed style.

Colored jackets

Special and vibrant colors dominate this summer. This is especially true of the blazer category. Jackets in green, ocher, pink and light blue colors. Certainly these are jackets made from high quality summer fabrics. Ingredients such as blended linen, superfine wool and mixed silk, all capable of stimulating the senses.

Printed shirts and floral shirts

Shirts in a bold print and exclusive designs. Tropical flowers, colors and special combinations of Italian fabrics. This is the case of a cuban collar shirt replacing the classic shirt with a tie in a suit combo.

Linen chinos 

Chinos are the most popular category of pants in the summer. What makes the difference compared to the usual bow, is that it is made of linen. And while chinos are primarily cotton, linen chinos are something special. Men's trousers with a particularly cool feeling and a slim fit but not too much ! They perfectly fit your summer outfit.


4. Ceremony 2.0 Men's Summer Fashion

Formal wear never fails in men's summer collections. The summer of 2020, the ceremony is based on a classy luxury style. The fashion capsule includes formal suits with a timeless, classy but updated taste.

Men's three piece suits

Three piece suits are a style of immense elegance. We find them available in shades of blue and black. Of course the category is dominated by the tuxedo, proposed as a three piece tuxedo. Groom's suits are available in 2 different models and fits. A proposal of formal suits that satisfies all tastes and needs.


White wedding men's shirts

High quality double and triple ply cotton men's shirts. Slim fit, with cuffs for cufflinks and available in various collars.

Groom shoes

Never out of fashion black wholecut oxford shoes, are the perfect wedding shoes. This in addition to velvet slippers, especially appreciated as tuxedo shoes. Pretty cool!


Tie and handkerchief

The formal fashion trend also has sets of ties paired with their handkerchiefs. Made of super reps silk in light colors, typical of a morning wedding. Finally, the bow tie in super reps silk , a necessary garment with a captivating formal look!


These are our suggestions on men's clothing for the spring summer of 2020! Find all this and much more online at www.tailoritalianwear.com.