Men’s Italian Suits, Tuxedos & Groom Wedding Apparel

Men’s Italian Suits, Tuxedos & Groom Wedding Apparel

Men’s Italian Suits, Tuxedos & Groom Wedding Apparel

Discover the unparalleled quality and impeccable fit of Tailor Italian Wear men’s suits & tuxedos. Browse suits online through the attentive selection of suits for men destined for eclectic tastes and renewed on a seasonal basis. This is a collection of Italian tailored fit suits designed from top quality materials such as extra fine wool, linen, silk and cashmere fabrics, to honor well-dressed men. Directly distributed to you making the best affordable suits.

The tailored collection of designer men's suits forming great business options up to after hours and formal occasions. Wool suits in single breasted and double breasted jackets make the best of class men's clothing. Discover the best Italian fabrics and modern slim fit available also in 3 pieces. Besides, a tailored suit is one of the most important key-pieces in every man’s wardrobe. It does not only make for elegant attires but also shows class and trustworthiness.

Men's favorites business dress-code - The wool case

Our high quality men's suits are made of wool fabric and blend with other natural yarns. Wool is a natural yarn and Tailor Italian Wear uses only extra-fine wool to craft its men's suits. Extrafine wool is purchased by the best Italian mills such as Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico and that's a reason sometimes we refer to it as Italian wool. A fabric of extra-fine wool is wrinkle resistant, helps fit suit better and also represents the major difference between expensive men's suits and cheap suits. So we suggest opting for a wool suit when searching for the fabric of quality.

Pure wool in its extra-fine qualities can be S'110 wool, S'120 wool, S'130 wool or anything up to S'180 wool or even S'200 wool. However, we suggest that wool for men's suits preferences should not exceed S'150.

Our fit is rather slim. But contrary to the slim fit suit or classic fit suit argument, we strive for a perfect fit that offers the perfect feeling to the final customer. Our modern fit suit or perfect fit suit as we like to call our fit can be either a single breasted suit or double breasted suit. The single breasted suit is composed of a single breasted  jacket and pleated or flat front trousers.

The Bristol model is a three piece suit series, featuring a single- breasted suit jacket in peak lapel, trousers in flat front slacks and sharp fit, and a slim six button closure waistcoat. Notched lapels Napoli model is also single breasted with flap pockets and a 2 button closure jacket. It features flat front pants in a slightly more classic fit. The Vomero model is Tailor Italian Wear's most popular suit model, with a suit jacket available in notch lapel and double breasted lapel. The Vomero single breasted suit has a modern fit suit jacket and single pleated trousers. The double breasted suit has a slim 6 button jacket paired with single pleated slim trousers. Launched in summer 2020, the collection features a cotton linen suit is a type of lounge suit, a two piece suit formed by a men's slim unconstructed single- breasted jacket and men's jogger trousers. This is available as suit separates too. All models obviously include interior pockets.

Timeless Italian style for men

Our Italian suit is a quality suit destined for the modern man. When dress code demands a black tie event, we suggest an Italian black suit in Bristol or Napoli fit. Special occasions do also demand a black tie dress code and an Italian tuxedo such as Tailor's 3-piece tux can exceed all expectations one may have from Christmas suits or wedding suits. Furthermore, there is a wide range of navy suits and other plain colored suits as well as checked suits and men's plaid suits. Navy is proposed as a dinner jacket too. The range of Italian men's suits is completed by pinstriped suits, necessary to a man's wardrobe. Being a suit in grey, or green suits and brown suits, the colors and quality of Italian men's suits is unique.

A modern suit is a field of excellence for Tailor Italian Wear and what we are known for. The Italian men's clothing range is sure to meet your standards.

Wedding suits

On a formal occasion like a wedding day, your suit has to be special. Discover a range of modern wedding suits, in a variety of the best Italian evening wear. Commonly referred to as the groom's suit or wedding suit may be a morning suit to accessorize with a white tie and cufflinks. Best man's suit may be more of a casual suit and a navy suit is very appropriate.

Black tie event

A black-tie dress code, usually necessary at a formal occasion, requires you to wear a tuxedo or a dinner suit. This is a suit type we suggest with a waistcoat. It is accessorized with a shirt and a bow tie and most often a handkerchief. An additional accessory may be a cummerbund in black and tuxedo shoes. The TAILOR Italian Wear tuxedo is one of the most popular men's suits both for a summer wedding or a formal event.

Evening outfit

Men who don't necessarily dress in a formal suit, may yet decide to opt for a suit or a jacket and trousers. In the case of a suit, we do slim fit, mostly notched lapel suits. We believe that contrary to morning wear, a suit of this type is to be paired with a tie and dress shoes. A handkerchief and a waistcoat may also be very elegant with such a suit. Look at the TAILOR Italian Wear formal dress category for such an outfit. If a suit is not of your type, watch for a blazer or perhaps a suit jacket and a pair of nice shoes. This latter can also be valid as a morning dress look.