Men's Tuxedo: Guide for a complete Look

Men's Tuxedo: Guide for a complete Look

For all formal occasions such as your wedding, being a best man or participate at a special event in a black tie dress code, there is a protocol to respect and follow.

Tips for an impressive men's tuxedo outfit!

The main elements that make up a distinctive formal look are the suit, most commonly referred to as the formal or evening suit and are in dark shades such as blue or black, white shirt, tie or bow tie, and shoes, while a white pocket square will complete your outfit.

In detail these categories are:


The formal suit  


ανδρικό μαύρο κοστούμιανδρικό μπλε κοστούμι

The Tuxedo suit is the crown of the options for any formal occasion.

The main features that make it stand out from the rest of the costumes are the satin lapel on the jacket and the satin belt band of the trousers. The dark colors (black and blue) are the leading ones, but of course there are alternatives to pursue, while the waistcoat can certainly give your appearance a touch of extra elegance.


Shirt for a stunning men's tuxedo outfit



ανδρικό λευκό πουκάμισολευκό πουκάμισο για άντρες

Men's white shirt in plain textured or pleated double-cuff is ideal and should be of the best quality cotton.





ανδρικά μαύρα παπούτσιαεπίσημα ανδρικά παπούτσιαεπίσημα υποδήματα για άντρες


The shoes will judge the final result of your appearance, with details such as leather's quality, the sole strap and the design of the shape being the most important. Your choice could be a pair of wholecut oxford leather from cordovan leather in black. Alternatively a trendy look could opt for a black double monk strap loafer or sleepers shoes to be worn sockless.





ανδρικό παπιγιόνμπλε παπιγιόν για άντρες


 Options are clear hear, as the bow tie or silk tie are used to be in blue or black satin.