Men's Fall Wedding Attire: Get Inspired by Tailor's New Suit Collection

Men's Fall Wedding Attire: Get Inspired by Tailor's New Suit Collection

The transition from a minimalist Summer to a luxury Autumn can be anything but boring. After the fulfilled - or maybe not - expectations for all the senses during summertime, every new September usually introduces the upcoming season with an important challenge; to become better at every level.

Season change means a different mood

The old vs the new. The double identity of the Fall season, an encounter between the warmth feeling of summer and the coolest touch of Autumn, brings a rare balance between intensities, colors, and contrasts in everything, shaping the ideal atmosphere for every ambitious beginning celebrated through unique social events, romantic weddings, and receptions, business galas, conference meetings & shows.


Respectful to those unique characteristics of the Fall season, the new collection of Tailor’s Men's Suits focuses on this alluring time of year with a special vision, promoting the same smooth feel of an autumn afternoon, while it retains the accuracy and the timeless luxury of the classic formal attire.

Discreetly intelligent, but also solid, consistent, and lavish, this collection could not be completed without shirts of plain design and aesthetics, with a pure personality to use as the basis for an effortlessly chic look.

Top quality materials & modern tailoring techniques


The new collection of Tailor Men's Suits - Fall 2022 is predominantly developed in various tones of blue. A color journey that explores the shades of royal and navy blue, reaching midnight blue, through advanced jacquard techniques that create perfect contrasts while at the same tone. The result; A different intensity according to natural lighting and free movement. The set is completed with charcoal gray, confirming the sophisticated, yet timeless character of the entire collection. 

The starring role is going to our Bristol model. With features such as the double-vent jacket with peak lapel, waistcoat, and slim trousers in a flat-front style, it redefines the concept of formality through its most modern version of it.

The goal, always, is the highest level of aesthetic harmony for each body type. In other words, to offer full versatility and freedom of movement that derives from an incomparable sense of the fit by exploring a contemporary form of the genre.

Wedding suit ideas & other formal attire concepts


Influenced by the Fall’s spirit, Tailor creates and proposes the most chic edit of the formal suit with a waistcoat without a tie, based on the Parigi shirt with the inner paramontura and a still collar in blue and white versions.

Another concept, which equally balances elegance and contemporary style, is the combination of a gray jacquard 3-piece suit with a white shirt with hidden buttons and a black silk bow tie.

Both ideas fully respect the timeless characteristics of formal menswear, while embracing charming innovations, creating a complete formal style for groom attire, as well as for 365 formal occasions.

Time to talk about the details…

Love for details is still key to modern formal menswear. A complete wedding suit cannot be done without the pocket square, the timeless symbol of supreme sophistication.

However, socks are a debatable case. Especially with the mid-ankle length pants.

On the other hand, the cufflinks are at the core of the groom’s accessories, which in shades of dark blue and black have the undeniable ability to emphasize the sparkling beauty of a formal look.

It's showtime!

The New Men’s Suits Collection Fall 2022 is available from 5/9 in Tailor stores! We suggest you book your appointment and discover its beautiful surprises!