Men's Shoesare an essential part of any look, as they can charm even the simplest of dresses. The quality of raw materials, the shape/form of the shoes and the type of sole are the main factors that form the shoe types. Quality shoes are made from quality materials (fabrics, leather, soles) following techniques and methods mainly adopted from the British and Italian footwear industry.

Men’s shoes need to be carefully selected

Shoes are perhaps the only piece of men's wardrobe that remains most unaffected by the ever-increasing changes in fashion trends.The right pair of shoes, depending on the moment and look adopted can add a lot to your style and show character. Men’s shoes need to be carefully selected as they come in a wide range of quality and price, but not all have the quality characteristics required for long-term use. The rule is that if the shoes are cheap also look cheap.

Below, we analyze all the features from the various types of shoe choices to be found in a well-dressed man's wardrobe.

Oxford men's shoes

Oxfords are an elegant choice for men's shoes and are usually paired / selected for more formal wear. These are classic leather shoes closed in front of the height of the cord which, while very demanding in fit, do not conform all feet requiring slim and low booties for a comfortable fit. It is perhaps the best choice for a man’s tuxedo. Oxfords can suit with any of your jacketsfor sporty chic looks.

Ανδρικά μαύρα παπούτσιαΑνδρικά παπούτσια καφέ


This is the most practical and popular version of the leather shoe with the main feature being the 2 side pieces through which the cord passes being kept at an equal distance from the beginning to the end. This makes them more comfortable and apply even on tall booties.

They can be matched with any of your suits up to more casual choices with jeans or cotton chino pants and a jacket for smart casual looks.



Brogues are a subcategory as they relate to perforated designs that adorn the shoes and could also be derby, oxfords, but also beatle booties and sneakers. The designs range from very simple to quite complex and are often a trademark of the brand.

Brogue ανδρικά παπούτσιαΑνδρικά καφέ brogue



Monks Shoes

Monks men's shoes derive their name from the footwear of the Franciscan monks with the dominant element being the buckle that fastens to the side and replaces the cords. Usually made with one or two clamps (monks & double monks).

Monk ανδρικά παπούτσιαmonk παπούτσια για ανδρεςmonk χειμερινά παπούτσια



Loafers also known as moccasins are a choice of shoes that can be worn without the use of a cord and clasp, gaining more and more advocates, especially in the summer months, as they combine comfort and class. In recent years, they somehow gain transeasonal popularity, while coming up in a variety of styles and forms.

loafers ανδρικά παπούτσιαloafers παπούτσια για άνδρεςμαύρα loafers παπούτσια



The comfort trend has made sneakers boom in sales last couple of years. Initially inspired by sports culture this type of men’s shoes are now matched to all casual looks and sometimes with suits. The main theme of sneakers or trainers is the rubber prefabricated sole that feels more comfortable to most men using all day long. Adding high stylistic value,is most often the factor differentiates this type of shoes that now are being sold as luxury and exclusive items.

Ανδρικά παπούτσια sneakersΑνδρικά Sneakers



Whatever your choice of men's shoes can be served by our collection. In our e-shop and in our physical stores, you can find a wide range of moccasins, oxfords, brogues, derbies, monks and of course sneakers!