Oscar 2019: 4 Men's Appearances and How to Create Your Own

Oscar 2019: 4 Men's Appearances and How to Create Your Own

The Oscar awards evening, beyond the film awards and their protagonists, provokes a constant interest in both women's and men's appearances. The 90-minute show, takes place in the so-called red carpet just before entering the theater and is lately called The Oscars Red Carpet Live, often generates more news and snapshots than the awards ceremony itself.

As you can imagine, women appearances steal the show and rightly so, as prize-winners, almost always appear in impressive dresses that emphasize femininity and magnetize the flash of the photographers. Unlike women, men have a certain consistency in their dress code and this is something that allows us to proceed with decoding it.

Men's Oscar 2019 Looks

Saying this, Oscar 2019 did not have the special glamour of the previous year, but they nevertheless validated the trends of dressing for occasions.  We selected 4 looks of the Oscar 2019 protagonists to inspire your next occassion outfit!

Let's take a look at impressions of men's clothing that impressed!

1.Suits with Peak Lapel 


     James McAvoy at the Oscar Red Carpet 2019  

We like this particular kind of men's suitas it combines elegance, formality and the necessary lightness to be worn in multiple occasions. Its main feature is the lapel that forms a pointed end, typical of the double breated revers, but being a single breasted. When the lapel becomes wider,  suddenly masculinity and character becomes even more emphasized. This summer is a strong trend and you will definitely steal the show wherever you appear.  





2. Double breasted suits

   Trevor Noah at the Oscar Red Carpet 2019  

Double breasted suits are also so-called dynamic suits as the lapel forms a sharp ankle similar to the peak lapel we mentioned earlier. It's definitely a type of man's suit made for men who want to stand out because it requires balanced proportions and personality in order to obtain the proper aesthetic effect. The double breated jackethas returned after some while and awaits you to try it out to. Who knows, maybe you become a fan of this exciting outfit?

3. The three piece suit

   Rami Malek at the Oscar Red Carpet 2019  


Perhaps the most popular choice of evening suit is the version of the men's suits with a waistcoat, the so-called three-piece suit. The men's vest is an ideal complement to the suit and optimizes some body imperfections such as overweight in the waist. In addition, it holds the tie in place and reduces the white surface that is usually covered by the shirt . If you do not like experiments and you want a sure bet, pick that kind of suit and you will exceed your original expectations!



4. The Smoking

   Trevor Jimenez at the Oscar Red Carpet 2019  



Undoubtedly, the tuxedo is the king of formal suits for a formal look that exudes luxury and classical elegance. The tuxedo, has evolved though, and in turn, the satin band in the trousers is usually missing, and revers of the  jacket are usually in a shawl form - which is particularly popular.        



All of the above appearances to have the desired effect are preferably matched with a white shirt and a dark tie in the same tone together with black shoesmade of quality leathers such as cordovan and in forms of derby or monk straps.

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