How to choose the right suit according to wedding theme

How to choose the right suit according to wedding theme

The theme of the wedding is an important decision and is closely related to the character and the way of life of the newlyweds. Initially the couple ends up by deciding whether the wedding will have a modern, romantic, bohemian or traditional / formal style. Then they will have to find the appropriate venue, the decoration to match it and, finally, the appropriate wedding dress and groom suit.

 Men's Wedding Suit Ideas

We present unique ideas about the groom suit to opt for according to the wedding theme you chose.


Modern wedding suit



In the event that you choose to make a modern wedding, minimalism dominates all its elements. Clean lines in dark shades and discreet details are elements that define your choices.


Romantic wedding



A wedding that does not lack flowers and pastel shades as well as the proper lighting, we recommend you try light colored fabrics in natural blends such as linen and silk.


Bohemian Wedding (Boho)



A wedding in perfect harmony with the bohemian character - if that is what you are - symbolizes the frankness and the loose approach, but...it still remains beautiful!

Combining the lightness of flax with the bohemian character of burgundy is perhaps what you are looking for!


Beach Wedding (Nautical)


Specially popular, having all those favorite seaside destinations and islands that have been touched our hearts and we would like them to be scenery of the most important moment of our life. White and blue are the colors of must for the wedding suit and the general decoration.


Formal wedding suit

This archetypal template idea of wedding usually fits well in an urban environment and includes a carefully dressed dress code from the couple and its invitees, not to mention an impeccable organization of details on your part. In such a case, we suggest the blue-black or black-colored tuxedo suit preferably in three pieces.


Vintage wedding


Classic or replica car and antique furniture items for decoration, inspiration from previous decades to influence the choice of wedding dress and suit of the couple... What may be better than a prince of Wales suit in brown terracotta shade..?


These are just some of the suggestions from the range of categories you will find in the TAILOR'S collection.