Men’s dress for summer christening!

Men’s dress for summer christening!

One of the many events that take place during the summer beyond weddings are christenings. Speaking of christening or baptism we refer to a very important event for the child, the parents and the godfather. As far as what to wear for a christening, we would suggest a formal or semi formal outfit. Surely, attention draws to the baby - the ritual often coincides with its name giving, but still important is the outfit and clothing of the godfather and the how parents are dressed at this important day of their child. 

This is an occasion where your outfit should be smart but rather not too formal. There is a distinction between a formal dress code and a summer christening at late morning or early evening. Below we suggest some men’s outfit proposals for the godfather and the dad..

The popular outfit for the occasion is matching a suit jacket or a blazer to dress trousers or a less formal suit. In case a jacket is missing - option we would not encourage - then consider layering a waistcoat over the shirt.

The main criterion in choosing the clothes that you will wear that day should be the quality of the fabrics. Consider that due to the fact that many christenings take place during the summer season, temperatures are often high and so the clothes you wear should be light and cool. Choose natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and light summer wool.


Suit jacket and trousers.

As already mentioned these are men's favourite clothing items for christening. This is a much loved outfit for two main reasons. First, because there are infinite colors and styles to adopt. This way the outfit can be adapted to the man (godfather or father) as well as in accordance to the theme of the event.

You can choose from the safest options such as navy, gray, white or beige pants made of cotton, linen or wool and blends and matched to plain shirts and jackets. A classic choice mainly for men who are looking for timeless clothing and elegance.

In general, mix and match blazers and trousers, depending on the colour and tailoring style produce nice combos and perhaps this is the easiest way for a man to dress and feel elegant..

For those who are in search of a more fashionable approach, there is a fresh proposal of shirts in prints such as floral and other prints matched to jackets in new colors such as ocher yellow and forest green. All paired with light coloured trousers and unlined summer loafers in earthy tones. 


Wearing a suit

A look in a suit is always appropriate and indisputably elegant. In this case though, we would suggest to avoid classic men’s suits such as navy blue, gray or black suits. Look instead for a modern type of suit rather than the strict office look suit. Try suits in new shades that consist of lightweight fabrics and  tailoring. An example may be the suit separates of the Tailor italian wear collection that feature unlined lightweight jackets and elasticized waist trousers.

This option is rather new, combining the elegance one is looking for special occasions -and  men's suits are irreplaceable at this case- and comfort.

We consult opting for airy summer fabrics such as linen, cotton and light wool. Pair them with chambray cotton or linen shirts or even a mercerized cotton t-shirt and complete your look with leather sneakers..

The waistcoat outfit 

In case you want to avoid wearing a jacket then somehow an alternative could be wearing a waistcoat. An outfit of this kind can somehow compensate for the lack of a jacket. 

 It is important for an event such as christening to remain respectful and elegant. This means that these clothing garments should be of quality and elegant traits. The trousers in this case should be classic coloured. Similarly, it’s important to pick up a dress shirt and a tailored waistcoat. A man’s waistcoat could be the same colour to the  trousers but also in contrast. In case of contrast, the shirt should somehow compensate for this by borrowing chromatic details of both or any of the waistcoat or trousers. 

In any case, you should pay close attention to two things: quality and fit! Usually if one is missing, the other lacks too.

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