Choosing the proper business attire is a matter of concern for professionals. Nowadays many seek men's business attire ideas for their every day professional activities. Our intention is to help you adopt a certain style and provide some dress matching tips and outfit ideas regarding men's clothing.

When wearing a suit is the dress code.

Business attires are facing a transition time. Men's business suits used to be a single and only option for a large number of businesses for ages. But men's formal corporate style is rapidly changing. Companies and organisations are loosening dress code restrictions and many of them do not oblige their employees wearing a man's suit on an everyday basis. Certainly, this is not the best moment for a suit and tie. However, it's true that men's suits have also changed lately, have been adapted to modern times and suscitaded interest again in young generations.

Wearing a man's suit doesn't necessarily mean wearing a uniform. Nor does it mean that wearing a business suit should be crafted from cheap synthetic fabrics. These though are key issues that make a great difference to a man's business suit. Tailor Italian Wear is an advocate of modern italian tailoring and finest quality of fabrics. We believe that men'ssuits being worn everyday for many hours a day, should be of a high quality. This does not mean necessarily paying a fortune for businesssuits . The collection of men'ssuits by Tailor Italian Wear provides a number of unique businesssuits at a competitive price due to its direct to consumer (D2C) distribution model.

Please consider natural fabrics when a man's business suit is concerned. Natural fibres are breathable and adaptable to climate conditions. Woolen business suits are particularly appropriate, since extrafine wool is a great natural yarn for dressing four seasons. Extrafine cool wool can be perfectly introduced both for winter and summer business suits. In alternative, a rich wardrobe shall feature more seasonal business suits such as light flannel men's suits and linen blended men's suits. The second and equally important factor of addressing quality at a man's suit is fit and quality of manufacture. A business suit should be tailored in manufacture and fit by following body parts without leaving you sense a wrapped in feeling. Shoulders have to be light padded or plain natural with high armholes. These suggest a modern business attire in aspect and a comfortable business suit.

Perhaps, offer in colour range for men's business suits is not vast, but nevertheless you can always look for new shades of classic business colours. That is also a competitive advantage of extra fine quality natural fabrics. This level of quality is capable of being expressed through an infinite number of colour shades. This means business suits are usually crafted in blue and gray, mostly plain fabrics. That does not exclude though pinstripe suits and plaid suits.

Completing a business formal attire of this kind, always requires ashirt and a tie. Cottonshirt s, no ironshirt s and stretch cottonshirt s are all suitable for men's business attires. We suggust avoiding cheap options of men'sshirt s. Men'sshirt s and in particular business men'sshirt s have been somehow considered by many as a convenience piece of clothing and the fact thatshirt s are mostly covered under a man's jacket enforces this point of view. We remind you that a man'sshirt is in direct contact to human skin. In addition, a man'sshirt is mostly responsible for arm movement and overall outlook of your attire. It is not enough sewing your initials at a man'sshirt to look elegant. Adding a minimum budget to purchase a man'sshirt can really save your style. Furthermore, men's businessshirts' patterns are mostly plains and stripes and more rarely a checks or button down shirt. The discussion made regarding men's suit colous though, is equally valid for men'sshirt colours too. Colour shades for businessshirts are light blue and white. Obviously, shades are varying according to quality.

Business ties is a more free exercise to complete. Classic business ties are regimental ties and micro patterned ties, but you can add a personal style in the choice of ties. Men's ties shall always be crafted by silk. Avoid at any case synthetic fabric men's ties. Note too that silk has various quality categories that make a difference at the final aspect of ties. A quality of 16 ply silk tie has a rich texture and vivid colours you can spot miles away. Last but not least, we advice you to avoid excesses. Business ties do not follow trends in a speed that menswear does neither are black tie appropriate. So, this means that a business tie model should be anything from 7 cm to 8 cm in width and that's all. We do not suggest a bow tie for a formal attire. A business attire for men is totally different to men's wedding attire.

Select leather dress shoes to complete your business attire. Shoes can be black or brown dress shoes , anything else is not a business choice. Leather of business shoes has to be of a good quality, unfortunately a not so easy task nowadays. Calfskin box leather shoes can match all requirements in this regard. Choose stitchedmen's shoes in order to enjoy durability in time and perhaps dress shoes made in an english type of last. Choosing the right last ofmen's shoes is equally important after selected a nice business suit. The reason is that a contemporary last of shoes will suit well and complete your business attire, revealing style and personal integrity.

Let's see now three business suits from the Tailor men's fashion collection of men's suits that could do the trick:


1. The elegant royal blue suit.

Add an extra twist to your attire with man's royal blue suit. Matching Tip: Try it with a plaid shirt, a silk tie in printed pattern, a pocket square and a pair of brown oxford shoes.




2. The classic grey suit.

You can never go wrong with this man's grey suit. Matching Tip: Wear it with a blue striped shirt, a burgundy tie and a pair of brown monkstrap shoes.



3. The unconventional plaid suit.

The windowpane man's suit is classic, though not for everybody. Matching Tip: Opt for a white shirt, blue silktie and black leather loafers.




Business casual look with an Italian allure.

Μore and more companies and organisations lately introduce relaxed measures at their dress codes. Many of them openly inviting their employees and partners to adopt a business casual or smart casual style. Still for many, may not be clear what a men's business casual or smart casual look is. Perhaps, this is the most interesting style of clothing in that does not exclude a man's suit neither accepts a man's outfits without a blazer. Men of taste, thrive on this style that exudes their creativity. The business casual attire is based on a man's jacket. The blazer is the foundation of this attire and the rest of clothing is complementary.

Initially this means that a business casual dress code is not an excuse for not wearing a sports coat orblazer . The point here is to introduce a style of subtle chromatic contrasts in your attire. Picking for example a blueblazer means you shall match it with greytrousers at winter and perhaps even beigetrousers at summer. By no means you should match any shade of men's blue trousers to a navyblazer . The business casual dress is a style of business attire that causes headaches at many professionals but also generates opportunity and cost effectiveness if you know how to play the game. We suggest that in order to successfully interpret a business casual attire, you better first select a brand or a shop that invokes this men's clothing style and possess the means to adapt its clothing range to your needs. We suggest you seek some personal approach at customer service by qualified style advisors in order to familiarise with combinations. In this context, Tailor Italian Wear preserves its distinctive Italian menswear identity by respecting its long tradition and creative ability to design and produce cost effective and quality menswear.

In this context, a man's blue jacket is the essential clothing garment to build upon this style. This blue blazer has to be paired with two to three men's trousers and an equal number of men's shirts in order to form alternatives and multiply your options. Passed this initial, let's say amateur level, you could add a second colour and then perhaps a patterned blazer such as a checked man's jacket or a herringbone man's blazer. These all, matched perhaps with woolen trousers, men's chinos trousers and single pleated cotton trousers. Men's shirts of this category are also dress shirts and more rarely casual shirts, however, a basic difference is that with a dress shirt you don't necessarily need a man's tie. And perhaps, you could try a fine knitted sweater in winter or an elegant T-shirt in summer instead of a shirt. This make an excellent men's business casual attire.

Sounds alot? Yes, in a sense, but professional attire requires personal assistance of trustworthy sales advisors. So, in order to save money and time it is better to adopt a men's style paradigm, possibly of a brand that you share some common values with. Adopting a casual dress code with a clear style identity means all clothing items bought somehow fit together. If clothing fits together, it leads to multiplied combinations, so lower cost for you, improved image etc.

Having referred to men's jackets exclusively seems that men's suits may be completely inappropriate for business casual dress. But this is not the case. Italiian tailoring had been reforming itself and Tailor Italian Wear has launched the active range of men's fashion suits that are composed by an unconstructed man's blazer and man's trouser of elastic waist and even a drawstring closure. This type of suits feel like wearing tracksuits, but maintain a certain elegance and furthermore can be easily mixed and matched with other clothing.

In terms ofshoes , you have more freedom to wear as you like, but we still advise to avoid sneakers. Instead go for other types of shoes such as loafers and their variations that form great options. Moreover, consider also men's desert or chukka boots depending on season. Shoes in all shades of brown and perhaps black are relevant.

Now let's see three examples of business casual attires inspired by theTailor Italian Wear collection .



1.The essential blue blazer.

A classic and yet contemporary look with a blue shirt and grey trousers is your basis to start from!





2.The plaid jacket.

A checked jacket is the next step to business casual dress.




3. Men's business casual for a men's summer look.

A coloured man's casual outfit is also a trend to introduce!





Casual Friday.

Casual Friday origins are found in the US, beginning of last century, and quickly adopted by the rest of the world as a practice. The idea is that multinationals and big corporate organisations allow, by exception, on Friday their employees to come at offices in a casual outfit. But to what extend?

Many men have misinterpreted the scope and nature of casual Friday dress code. It is fairly unacceptable for a man to arrive at office with an outfit of flip flops, men's shorts or perhaps rotten jeans. Common sense is required. Respecting the work environment, you earn other peoples' respect too. Casual Friday outfit should be simply a less degree of formality to business casual dress. This means yes, you can do without a blazer this particular day. You may even do without a shirt, but we suggest you keep in the picture at least one of them. A casual Friday outfit is simply an opportunity to experiment more with your looks and show some personality.

For example if wearing a denim shirt better if you wear chinos trousers and not jeans. On the other hand, in case you go to work in jeans, do it wearing a shirt and possibly a blazer. Similarly, a man's leather jacket matched with a fine merinos polo shirt get a free upgrade when being in combo with woolen pleated trousers. Shoes are offering you more choice so for shoes you can choose sneakers thay match well with khakis. We hope you can understand the point here. Not too much, nor like always..

We suggest that you may take care of your style for casual Fridays and avoid wearing anything old that resides at your wardrobe. Being congruent with your style and personality is matter of self respect.