Summer Wedding Suits: Styles and ideas for the groom

Summer Wedding Suits: Styles and ideas for the groom

Summer amongst others is the popular wedding season. Nice weather, relaxed mood and many location alternatives make this time of the year favourable for couple weddings. Regarding the wedding attire of the groom, there are many possibilities , thus we propose some theme suggestions for men’s wedding suits according to trends for the summer of 2020. 

Let’s review colors, fabrics and styles for the future groom and his suit for the wedding.

In general wedding suits are subject to dress codes, depending on the type of wedding  there are some rules or guidelines that are good to know. This creates many different options. For example for your groom’s suit, it is advisable to avoid plaid and striped patterns as well as some colors such as brown or charcoal grey that are mainly associated with a business look.

The groom has to stand out but in such a way that he feels more elegant and charming than ever! Choosing the wedding suit depends on some basic parameters such as the season (in our case summer),the time, the theme of the wedding and the wedding dress of the bride. All of the above are to be considered for a perfect wedding attire.

There are men's suits in different colors and styles. From the classic black suit to blue and gray man’s suit up to the light toned and white. Then there are also new summerish cool options such as green and pink mens suits. As a future groom, you need to choose the color and style that suits you best so that you get the perfect suit for your wedding.


Wedding suit: Themes and styles

Location, time and theme of the wedding are important factors to consider when choosing your suit.


Formal  Wedding

This is the case the ritual takes place within an urban area. Most often the bride has chosen a classic wedding dress and this follows an evening wedding party at a luxury venue. This is what most probably makes a formal wedding.

Our suggestion is to choose a dark formal suit such as a tuxedo black suit  or a three piece blue suit. 3 piece suits are a statement of elegance that mixes formality to discreet luxury.

This type of  suit is usually  matched with a formal white cotton shirt with french cuffs, a silk plain tie and a white pocket square, and oxford black leather shoes or even velvet slippers.

These are two timeless choices of wedding suits. After all, it is what comes to mind  when we imagine a groom. 

In most western cultured societies, it is considered as the appropriate way to dress up for such an important event.

This way you will achieve an elegant and cohesive image in accordance to other elements of your wedding.


Relaxed Wedding

When dealing with a wedding with more relaxed features then suddenly your choices increase sharply.

If the event of the wedding, for example, is to take place on a property in the countryside or even a garden in the morning and missing many formalities, you can choose from more classic suits to more relaxed outfits.

The black, blue and gray suits are always the safest option while lighter colors such as beige and royal blue are valid alternatives.

For the most demanding who are looking for trends, we suggest pastel shades of pink and green suits. These are lively, cool shades that integrate well in a summer context.

In order to complete your wedding look, we suggest a white shirt, either lace up oxford shoes or loafers, a silk tie that may be patterned and shall not be missing a pocket square. Follow these tips to make sure you have an elegant result!


Wedding by the beach

This is a popular theme in summer since the season is connected to the sea and water in general. So many couples from all over the world choose to get married every summer in chapels by the sea or a lake by some picturesque scenery.

In case this is more of your wedding, you may need to know that your suit shall be carefully selected.

Definitely we are talking about more relaxed and comfortable clothes that should maintain some kind of formality at the same time.Ideal choices here are light colored suits and especially blue and beige.

As an alternative here, do not rule out choosing a different jacket with trousers instead of a suit. If you choose something similar, pay close attention to the textures and color combinations. It is very easy for two or three different garments that you like to be combined incorrectly, thus the result to be disappointing.

As the combinations of a blazer, trousers and accessories could result in innumerable variations, select respecting your tastes and personality but also how you want to appear on that special day.

A surefire option is an attire that includes a navy blue blazer, white pants and a shirt. Your shoes can be leather tassel or penny loafers in brown or black. Some more casual variation of the theme could include an unconstructed blazer with cotton trousers and white leather sneakers. With or without a tie but for sure with a pocket square.


The best Italian fabrics for wedding suits

At Tailor Italian Wear, we know that fabrics play a key role in fitting and the image of men's suits. This is why we invest a lot of time in choosing them to make the best men's suits for you. In our stores you will find suits and other clothes from excellent high quality fabrics deriving from exclusive collaborations with leading textile companies such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Guabello, Thomas Maison and many more.

Blends of wool and other high-quality natural fibers, such as mohair and silk, as well as Irish linen, are used to make light and cool summer men's suits, men's blazers, men's trousers. Spring and summer men's suits are usually made of cool wool or blends of light woolen yarn with linen, silk or cotton.

The main men's clothing that constitutes a separate formal attire is the wedding suit, which is more commonly referred to as the groom's suit or formal suit.

Wedding shirts are dress shirts to wear with a tie and bow tie or wing tip shirts. The white wedding shirt, according to the protocol, is part of the formal dress category and formal shirts and are available all year round. A quality wedding shirt is important for a wedding suit.

Equally important are the wedding tie and the wedding bow tie also in light or very dark colors. Obviously last but not least, consider acquiring a pair of quality men's wedding shoes.

Formal clothing is never missing from men's summer clothing collections. For the summer of 2020, our collection is inspired by the discreet luxury style of Milan and includes formal clothes that are timeless, classy and of high taste.


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