The best luxurious Italian men’s suit accessories

The best luxurious Italian men’s suit accessories

They say the devil is in the details. So true, a gentleman always takes care of details in his outfit. Tailor’s creative directors design an exclusive collection of men’s accessories to offer some unique add-ons to your casual or formal outfits.

Men's ties & bowties

The last but important touch to your outfit! Discover a wide variety of the best ties and bowties in different designs, colors, and fabrics, a variety of prints such as classic polka dots or stripes, as well as more unique ones such as paisley. Dare with pastels or more intense colors that promise to blend perfectly with the rest of your attire and create an impeccable look. 

Ties are accessories that boost a man with confidence and if selecting the right tone they will complete your outfit in the best possible way. Suitable to be proposed while in office - a silk tie with a micro pattern may give you the business look you seek, can be also proposed at a night out when opting for a knitted tie.


The jacquard weave can be either plain or any micro design and striped pattern. Plain and regimental stripes are classic timeless ties. One of the most suitable choices for the office since they are discreet and elegant at the same time . Silk or in blends of wool or linen are a good choice for both formal and everyday appearances.


Prints are a big trend. Polka dot prints in different colors and sizes offer a more formal mood to your look. Bolder choices are the larger and more complex prints that come in different color tones. Blue with white to red with blue or orange with brown are some typical examples. Printed ties are lovely when matched  to a plain or striped shirt to stand out. Do not forget to always follow the rule so that the tie shall be of a darker shade of the shirt.


For men wearing a tuxedo, a bow tie is a must. The black silk bow tie is the classic favourite when referring to formal events. Similarly a navy bow tie  is a valid substitute that many prefer. You can see what suits you best with a try on.

Men's pocket squares

Give your jacket and your suit some Italian finesse and style with a pocket square. A silk pocket square and cotton pochette are usually proposed in printed patterns in a wide range of colors and themes. Also wool pocket squares in winter time will make a statement of character.

Men's Belts

One of the accessories that should never be missing from a men's wardrobe is the belt. A men's belt can complete an outfit in the best way.

Men's Belts: The essential accessory for every look.

Men's belts should not be missed, especially in men's clothing as they are extremely necessary. In addition to their practical usefulness, they also serve as accessories. They elegantly complete an outfit most appropriately! Discover the collection of leather, suede, and knitted belts of TAILOR Italian Wear. Find the right one and get the elegant style you are looking for with each of your appearances.

Men's leather belts

The leather belt must be an integral part of the men's wardrobe! It is the most useful accessory, as it gives you style and harmonizes depending on the style of each ensemble. In the TAILOR online store, you will find belts made in Italy from genuine leather. Choose between classic colors, as well as a variety of shades with differences in the buckle and other details. Combine the leather belt of your choice with your suits for any dress or formal occasion or with your trousers, a cotton shirt and a sports jacket, for a casual but at the same time elegant look.

Men's suede belts

A variant of the leather belt for men who dare to experiment with other textures is the suede belt. A suede belt is not a complicated affair. Combine the belt with your jeans and a pair of suede boots shoes.

At TAILOR Italian Wear you will find belts made of genuine leather and exceptional Italian materials, which guarantee durability over time, comfort and a very careful style. Choose the right belt that will accompany your moments and impress with the most complete stylistic ensemble!

Men's socks

In the collection of TAILOR Italian Wear, you will find selected men's socks made by sockmaker artisans in Italy. The high quality of the fabrics and the seam correspond perfectly to the daily needs of a man. Discover a variety of colors and designs, to complete your look by paying attention to the smallest detail!

Men's socks are an essential element of an outfit, as in addition to their comfort and practicality, they give an unparalleled style. From plain to pied poule the only sure thing is that every man will be able to upgrade his look with a simple move!

Men's wool socks

Wool socks are a basic choice for men for the months of the year when the temperature drops and we need to stay warm. TAILOR's excellent quality socks are made of technical wool, which makes them an essential part of a men's collection, due to their durability and warmth! Choose from a variety of colors, from more earthy shades to more intense colors, and combine the chosen pair with your favorite trousers and shoes. For men who give attention to the details and prefer patterns, a pair of pied poule socks are the right choice! Wear them with your plain coat and your Oxford shoes to highlight your refined style!

Men's cotton socks

The classic choice of men is socks made of 100% cotton. Due to their light composition, they are preferred by men for spring and summer. Discover a variety of lengths and colors for all occasions. Combine your favorite suit with a pair of shoes and a pair of TAILOR Italian Wear socks to be comfortable all day long.

The Italian fabrics highlight every knit and pattern, taking care of your style and comfort. Explore our online store collection and choose the right pair for you!

Men's Scarves

Give the proper attention to your outfit with elegant detail. TAILOR Italian Wear men's scarves offering incredible style, creating an image from magazine pages! Discover the collection of woolen scarves in various designs and shades, for the needs of every man!

Men's scarves, charm accessories

To make your style stand out most appropriately, add some color to your plain outfit with scarves. Match them with a plain jacket or over your favorite coat and add color and patterns to your most everyday outfits.

Scarves in original designs and bright colors are waiting for you to discover them. All the scarves and foulards of the collection are printed in wool, with a variety of designs and colors. They are made from the best Italian fabrics, allowing you to wear them in various ways. The simplest and at the same time most elegant way is to wrap your scarf around your neck once, giving a relaxed mood to your outfit.