The best men's trousers for the winter!

The best men's trousers for the winter!

Men’s trousers are never enough. Perhaps the most essential men’s clothing, trousers are now offered in a variety of styles to offer you the comfort and style you need all day long. Especially in winter when the temperatures are low it is important to choose the ones that keep you warm and stylish.

Below we present 4 types of trousers ideal for winter.



It was originally used for factory suits as a durable and cheaper alternative to wool. Then found its way to the men's wardrobes, making it a winter favourite for many. In recent years corduroy trousers have made a dynamic comeback. The corduroy is an excellent choice of winter fabric because of its durability, comfort and warmth. 


corduroy men's trousers for winter

How to wear them

Could be a valid substitute to jeans and chinos matching warm outfits such as knits and jackets. The trend is to wear them somehow more loose in pleated model versions. Absolute colour trend is white and light colours that inspire classy and warm looks and other valid range from classic blue to beige.

Woolen trousers

One of the most popular categories of men’s trousers in the last couple of years, woolen and flannel trousers gain significant importance due to the fact that wool is becoming a performance material while maintaining its natural pros such as morbid touch and warm sense. Woolen or flannel trousers are the right balance for those that seek to dress sport chic and lately more and more of those wonderful fabrics are machine washable.

                                                                  woolen men's trousers for winter                                                              

How to wear them


You can wear them in a million ways and sometimes this depends on the model of trousers. Flannel trousers with an elastic waistband may well match an softly tailored blazer or a down jacket, while a single pleated version of this kind would be better off as a formal choice. Don’t miss grey woolen trousers and then blue, classic options that match most of the outfits. They seem never enough for a man’s wardrobe!


Cargo trousers

Cargo trousers are either love or hate. They now become popular again and the difference to what were used before is that cargo trousers are now an essential brick to the sport chic wall culture. The main feature of cargo trousers are the side flap pockets that remind us of the initial usage of this type of trousers as utility garment.  


 cargo men's trousers for winter

How to wear them

Cargo trousers are matched well both to blazers and dressy shirts as they do with leather jackets and boots. Obviously this type of trousers are better off in slim fit, otherwise tend to lose their intended scope. This is a model that you should either have in cotton or flannel wool  but also white is an unusual yet smart option.  


Jogger trousers 

There was a time when trousers of this kind would never be endorsed by smart dressed men. Modern times, however, brought a fast pace lifestyle and an ever-increasing quest for simplicity and comfort, making these trousers point to the future of menswear. We suggest an hybrid version of jogger trousers with tailored waistband that meets the need for elegance while being Inspired by the activewear culture.                      


jogger men's trousers for winter

How to wear them

These pants are essentially the definition of the new order in smart-casual men's clothing. It fits just as well with sweaters and leather sneakers as it does with a nice wool knitwear, shirt and jacket if you want to add a twist to your daily office looks. At the Tailor Italian Wear collection you find them made from refined materials such as new woolen fabrics featuring anti crease,  stain resistance and, thermo control properties.


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