The best men's winter jackets and overcoats

The best men's winter jackets and overcoats


Being at the beginning of winter, with the sky becoming increasingly gray and temperatures falling, there is inspiration but also a need to finally wear our men's jackets but also the coats for those who seek elegance.

 Stylish Winter Jackets and Overcoats for Men

Recall that an outerwear is judged on 4 elements:


  1. Its primary functionality is to keep you warm and protect you from climatic conditions.
  2. Being soft and lightweight
  3. It's quality of fabric and raw materials.
  4. Finally it's perfect fit on you


So, if you are looking for an elegant men's coat, a bomber jacket or a down jacket or even a sports jacket, we analyze each individual garment on the basis of these 4 suggestions.


Men's Winter Coat

A winter coat is a classic and remains indispensable for any male wardrobe. It can be easily worn as a business overcoat or in a more casual version matched with knitwear. There are an infinite number of models, longer or shorter, single or double-breasted but also designs and colors to choose from. So, it is important to choose one that suits your tastes well. The best men's coats are made with precious raw materials such as wool or cashmere and have important details such as horn buttons and impressive lapels. It's amazing how impressive a coat can be and how it can reflect your personality. It is worth investing in a good coat as it is a basic element in your wardrobe that serves both elegant moments and everyday needs.

Trench Coat

Although it is always a classic, its popularity varies from seasons of high demand to others of little or no interest. Surely this is a mid-season garment that gives an elegant touch throughout the day. Often available in technical materials instead of classic fabrics, its first function is rainproof.


Leather Bomber

A men's leather bomber is an iconic garment, a symbol of masculinity. It’s a must have because it is essentially worn during the mid seasons. Some of its versions have a fur lining but the most popular ones remain the lightest. The finest leathers to choose from are lamb and calfskin. They have always been known and sought after for their soft and flexible consistency.



Down Jackets

You don't have to be a fearless Arctic explorer to take advantage of the warmth and comfort of a men's down jacket. Its practical and lightweight characteristics have contributed to an explosion in sales in recent years. A good quality jacket is made of 90/10 goose down.

In many cases there is a more convenient solution such as the eco down padding.