The Perfect Fit Shirt

The Perfect Fit Shirt

Two lines, one perfect fit

TAILOR is a premium menswear company mainly known for its expertise in blazers and suits and their made in Italy soft shoulders and slim fits.  Perhaps fewer know that we are shirt obsessed. 

More options for your wardrobe

There is now a clear distinction between our major lines, the Italian Wear and the Week, carefully created to offer you more options and versatility in choice. Our Italian Wear shirts are all made of luxurious italian fabrics including Cotonificio Albini, Tessitura Monti, Canclini and others, as well as, english shirtmakers such as Thomas Mason and David John Anderson. To say the least these are the cream of world shirting fabrics. The Week obviously has to somehow compromise in terms of prestige but not in terms of quality. For this line we collaborate with renomated European and Italian shirting manufacturers and you can enjoy as many 2 ply 120 yarns as well as non iron fabrics.

The perfect fit

What is common between the two lines is the fit and quality of manufacture. Last season we invested a lot to define what could be the perfect fit for a quality men’s shirt. We finally came up with what we call the perfect fit shirt!  


i.Our perfect fit shirts have 2 pinces. But rather than being merely called slim fit, we dare to call them flattering effect pinces. It is those kind of pinces that dont bother you everytime you decide to sit down for a drink or at the office, but also fit you nicely after a gym workout.

ii.Most importantly, all of our shirts are being manufactured under the ‘1 AGO’ rule. That means that all lateral stitches are double but made by one yarn machines that pass through stitching twice. In low cost industrial productions these are all made by double yarn machines.

 An example of single yarn stitching made only at a higher quality manufacture.


 iii. We use only mother of pearl buttons. Also special tailored techniques are being applied, by italian experts to diversify particulars such as cuffs and collars so as to respect human body and its proportion


We invite you to feel a shirt as physically fit to your body as ever. Check out our shirts!


Please be welcome to feel a shirt so naturally inclined to your body, like never before. Take  a look at the collection  here