Men's Shoes

Shoes men's essential garment are perhaps the most important part of a male wardrobe. Handmade shoes for men of premium quality leather that give you a sense of distinctive luxury.This is a footwear collection of italian mens shoes directly distributed to consumer (D2C).


Italian Mens Shoes

Tailor Italian Wear in partnership with major italian shoe manufacturers propones a series of selected mens shoes. Selection of raw materials and style development result in exclusive men's shoes of quality and competitive prices.

Shoes in blake construction

Either leather sole men's shoes or rubber sole men's shoes, quality of sole construction guarantees our footwear collection durability and longetivity of the shoes. We suggest rubber sole comfort shoes for everyday use and leather sole dress shoes for smart and formal attires.

Black mens shoes

Black leather shoes are men's classic shoes. There is no footwear range without a pair of dress black shoes for men. Whether a formal occassion or simply a smart business attire, black shoes are a must have.

Brown mens shoes

Brown leather shoes have a more casual character. Brown shoes for men are perfect for a business casual look and men of style introduce them for their ability to pair with most trousers and jackets.

Men's boots

Boots for men are a popular winter type of mens shoes. There are men's chukka boots and men's boots in plain or brogue. Mens rubber sole boots are lightweight and easy to wear. Men's boots match well casual clothing and slim fit jeans.

Don't hesitate to purchase a pair of Tailor Italian Wear shoes. They are carefully developed and selected to match all men's clothing range of the brand.