Wallet Chains

Attention to detail and the emphasis on quality harmonize with the philosophy of TAILOR Italian Wear. From men's clothing to men's accessories, you will discover a variety that takes care of every part of your ensemble, combining the best quality with style. Wallet chains are a special but useful stylistic proposal, ready to complete your favorite sets!

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Wallet chains

The objects that a man has with him on a daily basis are very specific. But most important of all, it's his wallet. Buying a good wallet is a special case for every man, as it is the most useful and basic accessory. Therefore, because every detail counts in TAILOR, we make sure to serve every man's need. Wallet chains are a very special and original accessory!

In addition to the style they offer, they are also a very useful accessories as they offer safety and protection. Put the chain of your choice in your wallet and attach it to the trousers belt loops. Wear them just for the style by simply placing them on the loops of your belt for a more casual style. Discover the chain that fits your wallet and style. It is guaranteed that you will impress with your style. Our chains are made of genuine steel and consist of colored beads.

TAILOR Italian Wear guarantees high quality, with handmade pieces of Italian construction from the best materials. Choose the wallet chain that suits you and change your outfit in the most special way!