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Athletic Formal Style for Men: Being Fit Does Not Mean a Lack in Formalwear Attire

Athletic Formal Style; Yes, indeed, good taste is often part of a holistic style approach of a contemporary man. Especially in our era, where the love for fitness has evolved into a new lifestyle, formal menswear has naturally evolved into a sartorial guide for the man who loves his fit physique and constantly seeks refined clothing concepts to feel confident and sharp.

As more and more men adopt a healthier and balanced lifestyle, and love for workout has become an integral part of their daily routine, they inevitably turn to their pop and sport celebrities to get inspired and as a matter of fact, they look for a more casual attire that suits their demanding everyday lives. However, such a choice often fails to fully meet all occasions, such as a business meeting during the day, social events, or even first dates. And this is where the story of the athletic formal type of wear begins!

Quality Fabrics: The primary rule of a well-dressed man

The fabrics used for the garments - often a source of creative inspiration for us and an important pillar of our very philosophy - are of crucial importance for their performance traits. In order to retain comfort and versatility, choose pieces made from high-performance stretch fabrics. Some of the exclusive fabrics used for this collection use innovative textile technology -unlike that of the traditional mill houses - that blends groundbreaking synthetic fibers together with natural yarns.

Another reason elasticized fabrics are popular for men with athletic body types is for their ability to adapt to the lines of a toned body. The muscular structure of the male athletic body doesn't align well with the strict lines of dapper woven and rigid fabrics, and in some cases even providing exceptional tailoring, one may feel constricted in certain zones such as legs, shoulders, and triceps.

A new world of balance

The athletic formal style expresses balance between performance sportswear and formal attire, i.e., between absolute comfort and timeless elegance. To decode the athletic formal dress code, let’s review the requirements and purposes of these seemingly disparate sartorial choices; This is a style that embodies comfort and elegance, a relaxed yet imposing style, and respect for oneself and the occasion.

This case epitomizes the unrivaled versatility of athletic elegance as it effortlessly merges with the opulence of formal fashion, metamorphosing into an extraordinary avenue for crafting an utterly distinctive and extravagant personal style. This realm of sartorial grandeur beckons the inclusion of essential sartorial components and extraordinary embellishments, transcending conventional boundaries with pieces like:

  • Deconstructed Blazers: These are semi-formal jackets that can be worn daily with greater versatility for a variety of occasions. The deconstructed version of the classic blazer inspired by Tailor easily pairs with stretch fabric or denim pants, with a T-shirt or dress shirt, sneakers or leather boots.
  • T-shirts with Blazers: Try layering separate pieces. Favorite overshirts with a T-shirt can ideally complete the look of the upper body and be a unique statement of your style.
  • Fitted Dress Shirts: Essential part for a polished appearance in athletic formal style, dress shirts made of high-quality stretch fabric ideally conform to and enhance the well-trained man’s physique in a refined way. Such shirts become easy to pair with stretch denim pants and dress shoes.
  • Jogger pants: Constructed from high-quality fabrics, Tailor's athletic jogger pants with elasticized waistbands and tapered cuts represent the most versatile version in men's clothing.
  • Sneakers: Impossible to imagine athletic formal style without a pair of sneakers, in this case handmade using genuine calfskin and clear cut lines that are signature for Tailor.

Good taste is still men’s ally

The athletic formal style, born from a need for comfort and elegance, becomes a guide for a stylish, carefree lifestyle. Besides, a fit body is the ideal foundation for any style. Thus your body is the best canvas for a remarkable work of art. Therefore, don't hesitate to experiment with style and adapt the athletic formal style to your personal taste. Explore Tailor's menswear collections now and complete a unique style that constantly reflects your personal taste through the brand's innovative perspective and timelessness.