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Account information

At Tailor you create a personal account to access a number of exclusive areas, benefits and services dedicated to our customers. Also using your account you can easily check for the history of your previous purchases as a guideline for your new orders.

You can create your personal account by completing the form with your personal details here

Having a Tailor account offers a number of advantages such as:

  • Create and manage your own wishlist and get notifications on stock and prices
  • Place new orders faster
  • View a summary of all your previous purchases/orders
  • See the status of your orders
  • Easily request fast returns
  • Save address details for easier ordering
  • Be a part of our customer loyalty program that grants you IMs to redeem instantly and many more..

You can easily edit all your personal information on your Tailor account section here

Please check that the information you enter in login is correct. Notice if you “Caps Lock” option on your keyboard is on. If yes, please contact us. here

Click the link “Forgot your password?” on the login page to regain access and follow the instructions.

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We are strictly following a GDPR privacy policy according to the E.U. regulation. Please, read the full text here

Payment options

We offer the following payment options in a secure checkout environment:

  1. Credit / Debit cards / Wallets:
    • Stripe and Alpha Bank's payment service allows you to send your payments for product purchases through the Store securely, using a credit or debit card.
    • Payment by installments is only available for cards from Greek banks.
    • The Store accepts payments with digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, IDEAL, PayPal.
  2. Cash on delivery (applies only to orders within Greece): The payment of the products can be made in cash upon receipt at the place you have declared, with an additional fee of 3 euros for orders under 50 euros. Cash on delivery is only applicable if your order is shipped with a partner courier company. It is reminded that according to the tax regulations in force from 1/1/2017, invoices with a value of €500 or more are prohibited to be paid in cash.
  3. Bank Deposit: Payment for the products can be made by deposit to the Company's Bank Accounts. Upon completion of the deposit and within 1 day, the proof of deposit must be sent to for the order to be considered valid.

    Bank Account Details:

    TAILOR - Metapoiitiki kai Emporiki Endymaton Epe

    IBAN ALPHA BANK: GR6101408710871002002007239

    IBAN ΕΘΝΙΚΗΣ: GR4801103300000033047013645

    IBAN ATTICA BANK: GR7801605670000000084784451

    IBAN EUROBANK: GR8202602190000230200313056

    IBAN ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ: GR7001722520005252031718837

We currently accept one option per purchase, but if you have a Gift Card, you can add it in order to split payments.

We do offer interest free monthly rate payments for credit cards issued by Greek banks.

No, no other expenses should occur. Depending on the country or state of delivery, additional charges that may concern duties and state taxes are calculated and charged at checkout.

You can easily pay using your Gift Card by applying its unique code into the relative section at the payments’ page. If you have partially used the amount credited, you can view your remaining balance at your account page.

If your payment method has been declined, please check that:

  • The details of the card or payment information have been entered correctly
  • The security code (ccv) is correct
  • The credit card has not expired.

In case all the above information is correct and your payment is still rejected, contact your bank or the payment service provider.

Yes, all orders are subject to invoicing. Make sure you enter correct invoicing details.

Orders and product availability

You can place your order as a registered customer with all the benefits included or you can place your order as a guest.

Yes you can. Please be free to call the Tailor customer service anytime between 9 am and 7.30 pm CET from Monday to Saturday and place your order by phone. After selecting your products, we will send you a confirmation mail with a payment link in order to complete your order.

A video call sale is possible after a prior appointment. You can book your appointment via email at here

Unfortunately this is not possible once an order has been confirmed. You must place another order following the same steps.

It is rather difficult, but maybe possible subject to timing. If the order has already been dispatched, you can only proceed to return the order upon receipt.

Once you place your order you will receive an order confirmation email.

In every step, beginning from the preparation of your order to its shipping, you will receive a relative update via email. Registered clients can see more of the status of their order on the personal account page.

By clicking the question mark symbol on the product page you can complete a form of request that Tailor will reply to as soon as possible.

You can browse our product categories and find a unique product page for any of our products or you can search for the product you want by entering its name or code into the search box feature.

Product information

You can define your size through the following options:

  • Consulting the Tailor size guide available on the product page
  • Consulting the Tailor Fit Finder tool here
  • See track of your past purchases in your account

Tailor products are crafted using top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship under the brand’s creative design principles. The absolute majority of the products are thoroughly made in Italy with a small part of them being manufactured in other European countries.

Contrary to Tailor’s menswear heritage, both the signature fit and exclusive design follow an absolute custom approach that permits both women and men to wear a number of clothing categories such as jumpers, T-shirts and knitwear, jackets, shirts, and other accessories.

Most Tailor products are tailored, which means that have been produced using tailoring features such as borders in seams. That means that suits, jackets, trousers, and shirts can be altered by +- 1 size by qualified tailors.

Alterations are possible in products purchased online under client instructions. At stores, you may experience regular alteration customer service under consultation. Once a product has been altered, a return is not possible.

Our commercial policy is not providing for a made-to-measure or made-to-order service at the moment.

The vast majority of Tailor products are in stock, but there is also a part of products that may be purchased on Pre-order status and while they are in production status. This may be possible for limited collections and sold-out garments.

Shipping and returns COM

Delivery time frames vary according to each country and time of the year.

Region Delivery frames Delivery Service Charges
European Union 2-5 business days TNT Express Free of charge for orders over €100,00
US, Canada 4-6 business days FEDEX Express Free of charge for orders over €100,00
Rest of Europe - Inc. UK, Turkey, Israel 5-7 business days FEDEX Express Yes
Middle East - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar 5-7 business days FEDEX Express Yes
Asia - Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea 5-7 business days FEDEX Express Yes
Oceania - Australia, New Zealand 5-7 business days FEDEX Express Yes
Rest of the world 20 business days EMS €30.00

In every step, beginning from the preparation of your order to its shipping, you will receive a relative update via email. Registered clients can see more of the status of their order on the personal account page.

In certain cases we only offer an estimation of taxes and duties of importing your order in connection with Fedex. Actual costs may vary depending on each case, however they shall not exceed the amount estimated in check out.

Upon arrival of your order, your local forwarder will contact you and help you complete customs clearance.

Returns are handled automatically for registered clients and shipping charges are calculated and charged as part of this process.

By registering for an account you can easily apply for a return by using the returns window frame. If making an order and therefore a return as a guest, you may contact us by email.

You have 14 business days available after delivery to decide if you want to return a product.

Generally yes. Exemptions include products that:

  • Have been used, visibly worn, altered or damaged
  • Are missing hangtags and original packaging
  • Belong in the category of beachwear and underwear
  • Have been kept for more than 14 days after confirmed delivery

Exchanges are not possible online. Rather you may apply for a return and place a new order.

Requests for a refund are processed within 7 days after the product's return receipt. Refund amount equals minus any possible freight charges applicable during the transaction. Refunds are credited in the original form of payment. No refund can be issued for gifts and Gift cards.

No, for the moment. Our sales are subject to forwarders and depend on common European directives meaning we cannot deliver in cases of sanctions applied or/and warzones and politically turbulent countries.

No, we don't ship to po boxes, hotels or freight forwarders. Please provide details of a valid permanent address.


Tailor applies a 360 strategy to consciously keep the environmental impact of its operations in minimum standards. A number of practices adopted include:

  • Paperless administration
  • Low energy consumption stores
  • Sourcing of sustainable raw materials
  • Short supply chain of reduced gas and energy emissions
  • Production partners that offer optimized work conditions in terms of wages, health and safety
  • Fostering craftsmanship and tailoring tradition as a heritage to be preserved.
  • Gender parity and caring working environment

Tailor has by large been operating sustainably before the subject becomes a trend. Most Tailor products follow sustainable production protocols and have low environmental impact.

They are sustainable in having these features:

  • Made by or in blend with organic fabrics such as lyocell, organic wool and organic cotton and recycled nylon.
  • Following practices of sustainable animal breed and welfare and organic farming.
  • Are produced in Italy partly handmade in small labs offering optimal working conditions.
  • Are produced in low quantities following the corporate strategy of a minimized stock.

Product care

Tailor products have been designed and manufactured with high quality standards. The use of noble materials and tailoring implies that clients have to take care of their products in order to enjoy longevity and original sensation. We advise clients to look after the care label inside each product of purchase and follow precise care instructions.

We do not suggest that a single rule applies to all. Collections include new blends of materials that demand special attention to each care label separately. As a rule of thumb, take note of the following:

Please pay attention that tumble dry is strongly prohibited for all Tailor products. In cases of machine wash please keep low spin.

Product category Washing instructions Drying instructions Ironing
Suits Dry clean only Dry clean only Steam ironing
Blazers Dry clean only Dry clean only Steam ironing
Coats Dry clean only Dry clean only Steam ironing
Shirts Cotton and Linen Garment dyed shirts Machine wash / Dry clean 40°C or 105°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
Pants Cotton and Linen Garment dyed pants Machine wash / Dry clean 40°C or 105°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
T-shirts Machine wash / Dry clean 30°C or 65°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
Polo shirts Machine wash / Dry clean 30°C or 65°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
Sweatpants & Sweatshirts Machine wash / Dry clean 30°C or 65°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
Socks Machine wash / Dry clean 30°C or 65°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
Swimwear Machine wash 40°C or 105°F Hang to dry / Dry clean Medium heat iron
Ties & Pocket square Dry clean only Dry clean only Low iron opposite side

Gifts and Gift card

You may select the original sales channel to return and exchange your gift. If the gift has been bought in a store, please visit the store to exchange it, while if it has been sent online follow the return instructions or contact us by email.

In general, you can get a gift exchange for the next 14 days after its purchase and not further. Please consider the following:

  • A gift cannot be refunded to other than the gifter
  • A gift cannot be exchanged if it lacks its original condition (hang tags, packaging, labels) or is visibly worn or damaged or altered.
  • A gift can be exchanged for IMs as a credit for future use.

Greece only

They are free of charge as long as the gift value remains over €50,00.

You can use your Gift card by purchasing products and paying for them by entering the Gift card’s unique code during the checkout process. Contrary to gift exchanges, you can use your Gift card for a time period of 6 months after its purchase.

A Gift card is strictly personal. You can use it to buy for someone else, but no one else but you can complete the purchase.

A Gift card may be refunded if purchased online exclusively to the buyer and not to the recipient.

You can purchase instantly by clicking here. Select the amount, type your message and fill in contact information of yours and those of the giftee. You can therefore program time and date of sending your Gift card and complete the checkout as any other transaction.

An email is being forwarded both to the gifter and the recipient. The sender receives a confirmation and invoice for the transaction. The recipient receives the Gift card with its message and unique code to redeem.

No, a Gift card can be used exclusively for purchasing Tailor products.

Please contact us directly.

Yes, as long as the value of goods does not exceed the Gift card’s value, you can continue using it. To check a Gift card’s balance click here

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