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Tailor revisits the 90’s style to provide you with a fresh collection of overshirts interpreted by the brand’s distinctive style and high-quality fabrics.

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  1. Men's Olive Overshirt Jacket
    Men's Olive Overshirt Jacket
    251.00 $
  2. Men's Camo Overshirt Jacket
    Men's Camo Overshirt Jacket
    251.00 $
  3. Men's Burgundy Overshirt Jacket
    Men's Burgundy Overshirt Jacket
    251.00 $
  4. Men's Blue Overshirt Jacket
    Men's Blue Overshirt Jacket
    251.00 $
  5. Men's Beige Overshirt
    Men's Beige Overshirt
    196.00 $
  6. Men's Blue Overshirt
    Men's Blue Overshirt
    196.00 $
  7. Men's Military Green Overshirt
    Men's Military Green Overshirt
    196.00 $