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Blue Suits for Men: Why do they rank as a top choice in wedding suits & formal menswear attire?

Blue suits are a subject of their own. Their popularity is closely related to the symbolism of color, and has been interpreted by men's fashion into one of men's most elegant formal attire options, covering almost all style concepts through various designs, fabrics, tailoring techniques, and shades.

The symbolism of the blue color

Blue is often associated with qualities such as trust, professionalism, and reliability, elements that have made the blue suit the most popular choice for business suits. At the same time, according to color psychology experts, blue can also convey a sense of calmness and self-confidence; gradually, the color has also become the top choice for men's wedding suits, surpassing traditional colors of the occasion, such as black or gray.

Blue suits for men

Different shades of blue in men's suits

There are over 25 shades of blue, each with a different meaning. The lighter shades of blue, such as sky blue, can convey a more playful or golden tone, while darker shades, like navy blue, can give a more strict and classic appearance.

Royal blue suit: Is it the perfect color for grooms?

Royal Blue has a long history dating back to the early 20th century. Its glorious past began with the British Royal Air Force, from which it derived its name (Royal Air Force), as it was the primary color for the uniforms and insignia of its personnel. Today, it has become the No. 1 choice for groom attire, including suits and tuxedos, especially during summer, when the rich, deep, yet brighter shade of raf color harmonizes perfectly with the season's mood, balancing brightness and formality.

Blue suit combinations: What color shirt, tie, and shoes?

Above all, the blue suit is a versatile choice for both wedding attire and professional formalwear, as it combines beautifully with a plethora of options, offering unique combinations such as:

  • White shirt and black tie: Classic, simple, elegant, and stylish.
  • Blue patterned shirt and tie: A light blue shirt can nicely complement the attire, highlighting the tie's pattern.
  • Striped shirt and brown tie: Maybe a bold combination? Yes, but it conveys intensity while the tie balances the mix.
  • Plaid shirt and tie: A check shirt is a statement choice that can contrast nicely with the navy blue suit, while the tie makes it more interesting.
  • White shirt and bold tie: Ideal for greater intensity at any formal event.

  • Brown shoes and belt: Brown leather shoes with a leather belt can completely contrast the blue suit and add touches of warmth to the overall look—an effective combination for summer weddings and events.
  • Black leather shoes and belt: Black shoes with a leather belt are a classic choice to match a navy suit for more formal occasions.

Men's suits blue

Rediscovering the benefits of blue suits through Tailor's perspective

Just as every season has its inspirations, the creative team at Tailor could not do less than envision, design, and introduce the new modern version of the beloved blue suit, embracing their love for authenticity and charm. 

Investing once again in high expertise and driven by a passion for exquisite materials and their fine properties, Tailor's new collection presents men's suits with innovative features that stand out through every detail of their construction.

Their exceptional composition of high-quality blends of wool and silk in jacquard weave contributes to these unique iridescent color effects from dark to bright, depending on movement and light, giving even greater intensity, interest, shine, and youthfulness to the classic blue suit, regardless of the shade, while keeping its formal character.

At the same time, the custom cut, meticulously designed to fit perfectly, continues the brand's heritage of tailored fit, following the timeless values behind Tailor's recognizable style.

Where to shop for Tailor's blue suits for men

Regardless of the popularity of men's blue suits, many style surprises are still ready to reveal, like those awaiting you at Tailor stores in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as through our online store, inviting you to meet the most refined version of this timeless piece of garment.