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Chasing Adventure: A Tale Woven in Field Jackets

In the heart of Italy, where history whispers through the cobbled streets and vineyards weave stories of centuries past, Tailor orchestrates a symphony of elegance and escapade—a collection where the spirit of adventure melds seamlessly with Italian craftsmanship.

Visualize a land where the rugged Alpine peaks harmonize with the cosmopolitan pulse of city streets—a land that births a quintessential piece of fashion: the field jacket. Yet, this isn't a mere garment; it's an embodiment of a lifestyle—an embrace of freedom and exploration.

A Story Of Heritage In Men’s Outerwear

From the ateliers of Italy emerges a field jacket in a hue reminiscent of nature's resilience—a verdant green that pays homage to the lush landscapes, an expression of utilitarian design evolved into an emblem of style and practicality.

This type of winter jacket, steeped in the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, speaks a universal language—a nod to the wanderlust that resides within each adventurer's heart. It pays homage to the legacy of iconic explorers whose tales echo through history—captains of adventure who charted unknown territories and ignited a collective passion for discovery. Tailor embraces this legacy, infusing the spirit of these intrepid pioneers into every stitch and seam of the jacket, crafting not just a garment but a tribute to the relentless pursuit of the unknown.

Field Jacket - The Highest Standards Of Performance

Here, craftsmanship isn't just a practice; it's a legacy. Tailor's field jacket is born of this heritage, meticulously crafted in Italy using elevated quality standards—a blend of 75% cotton and 25% nylon that encapsulates comfort and durability, a testament to a bygone era when quality was revered above all else.

Envision the wearer—a bespoke fit that effortlessly marries sophistication with adaptability, an embodiment of Tailor's dedication to elegance without compromise. The military green hue, an ode to the earth's vitality, becomes a canvas on which the wearer paints their urban escapades and untamed explorations.

But this jacket isn't just about aesthetics; it's a guardian against the elements. Rainproof and windproof, it stands as an unwavering shield against nature's whims, safeguarding the wearer's journey into the unknown.

Delve deeper into its narrative—the quilted padding cocooning warmth, an internal hood concealing readiness for spontaneous adventures, and the antique gold two-way zipper, an emblem of refined grace.

Pockets—both seen and hidden—beckon to carry not just possessions but moments and memories. Automatic button pocket closures signify security amidst the unpredictability of explorations, while the Made in Italy insignia embodies the promise of peerless craftsmanship.

Harmony In Every Stitch 

Moreover, at the core of Tailor's ethos lies a dedication to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Each element of this field jacket is an embodiment of this commitment—crafted with materials sourced responsibly, ensuring not just durability but a reduced ecological footprint. The brand's reverence for nature echoes through this jacket, urging wearers to embrace conscious choices and tread lightly on the paths they explore, fostering a harmonious relationship between fashion and environmental responsibility.

  1. Field Jacket Men
    Field Jacket Men
    380.00 $
  2. Men's Safari Jacket Military Green
    Men's Safari Jacket Military Green
    137.00 $ 195.00 $

The Contemporary Flair Of Men’s Winter Clothing

And in the quiet whispers of this garment, there lies an unspoken invitation to connect with one's heritage—a bridge between the past and the present. Tailor's field jacket, beyond its functional prowess and style statement, serves as a tribute to the heritage of exploration ingrained in cultures worldwide. It invites wearers to embrace their roots, drawing inspiration from the intrepid adventurers and timeless explorers whose spirit lives on in every journey embarked upon, rekindling a sense of kinship with the pioneers who shaped our collective narrative of exploration.

More than a garment; a proclamation—a testament to the fusion of Italian heritage and contemporary flair. It stands as an anthem for those who seek refinement and daring in equal measure, an invitation for modern voyagers to script their adventures in the thread of time.

As it adorns the wearer, our field jacket transcends fashion—Available online or in Tailor stores in Greece at Athens and Thessaloniki.