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Introducing Contemporary Men's Resort Style: A Fusion of Elegance and Effortlessness

The ever-evolving realm of men's formalwear has witnessed a captivating shift towards a contemporary, refined aesthetic that seamlessly blends meticulous attention to detail with an air of effortless spontaneity.

This harmonious fusion of elegance and comfort finds its perfect canvas in the enchanting ambiance of summer, where weekend getaways, carefree island adventures, and cosmopolitan soirées beckon.

With a spirit rooted in carefree yet luxurious living, summer inspires for an expression of effortless charm, carving a distinct style for every occasion. Lightweight fabrics and relaxed silhouettes effortlessly embody the spirit of a resort-inspired ensemble, creating an original sartorial narrative capable of reflecting a certain individuality of each man's persona. As a constant source of inspiration, this journey involves a carefree attitude, through an artful interplay of style and comfort that  finally elevates the entire proposition.

The history of resort style for men

Also known as cruise wear, resort style became a stylistic trend among international jet-setters who had the opportunity to travel on private sailing yachts and spend time in cosmopolitan resorts. This created a need for clothing that would allow for comfort and  physical activity while allowing men to express their personal taste. As many summer destinations become more accessible to the public, the same need for comfort and elegance influences more and more men who want to enjoy their vacations without sacrificing functionality or their style.

Elegant men's attire by the beach and pool

A quintessential vacation day unveils with an invigorating plunge into the tranquil setting of the hotel pool. Begin this idyllic adventure clad in a comfortable, impeccably fitting swimsuit that exudes confidence. As the day unfolds, effortlessly transition to poolside elegance by pairing your swimwear with a vibrant Hawaii shirt, an embodiment of laid-back sophistication. Complete the ensemble with supple leather sandals, epitomizing refined leisure as you make your way to the pool bar. Experience the essence of relaxation and indulgence as you embark on a luxurious vacation experience, where style and comfort intertwine in harmony.

  1. Men's cuban collar shirt floral printed blue
    Men's cuban collar shirt floral printed blue
    130.00 $
  2. Men's blue floral short pants
    Men's blue floral short pants
    119.00 $
  3. Leather Sandals Mens Black
    Leather Sandals Mens Black
    119.00 $

  1. Men's Red Striped Shirt
    Men's Red Striped Shirt
    91.00 $ 152.00 $
  2. Men's designer blue swim shorts
    Men's designer blue swim shorts
    64.00 $
  3. Men's Red Cotton T-Shirt
    Men's Red Cotton T-Shirt
    33.00 $ 54.00 $

Men's Summer Dress Code: When luxury lies in simplicity

For relaxing walks, sightseeing, and gastronomic experiences, a man’s summer attire follows casual chic outfits with comfortable cotton bermuda shorts in  minimal straight-line fit  above the knee, providing the necessary freedom of movement and allowing the gentle breeze to caress your skin. Paired with patterned shirts with short sleeves form an interesting approach also for the variety of their textures. When matched with t-shirts in luxurious knits and solid color contrasts, convey a lasting sense of understated luxury.

  1. Men's classy swim shorts blue
    Men's classy swim shorts blue
    64.00 $
  2. Men's Light Blue Polo T-Shirt
    Men's Light Blue Polo T-Shirt
    51.00 $ 86.00 $

  1. Men's Yellow T-shirt
    Men's Yellow T-shirt
    33.00 $ 54.00 $
  2. Mens swimshorts floral
    Mens swimshorts floral
    64.00 $

Nightlife summer style for men

Unless you schedule your vacation with a social event that requires a specific formal attire such as a jacket or suit, resort style remains in an upper casual tone even for evening appearances, as it is meant to express and contribute to the relaxation of summer vacations. For an elegant evening look, you don't need to exert much effort. On the contrary, the only principle to consider for evening summer appearances is that the later you go out, the more clothing covered your body should be, which makes up for an aura of elegance, immediately invoking a more formal look.

Favorite colors for the perfect Summertime Men's Outfits

Although you can select through various colors, we encourage you to choose light-toned garments for your morning appearances, in order to keep yourself fresh against sunlight and hot temperatures. Therefore, you can replace blue with a softer shade of blue, brown with camel or beige in the most flattering shade for your skin, and black with light gray or even the most radiant white.

  1. Men's Pink Cotton T-Shirt
    Men's Pink Cotton T-Shirt
    86.00 $
  2. Men's White Polo T-Shirt
    Men's White Polo T-Shirt
    51.00 $ 86.00 $
  3. Men's Green Cotton T-Shirt
    Men's Green Cotton T-Shirt
    33.00 $ 54.00 $


Resort style embodies an attitude that seamlessly blends elements of effortless elegance into your vacation repertoire. It grants every discerning man the opportunity to apply his personal taste to what the season demands, curating a look that exudes comfort without compromising on sophistication. Explore our online store or visit our stores today to discover an array of unique menswear and accessories, offering modern yet iconic suggestions to craft your perfect summer vacation ensemble.