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Suit Luxury Accessories: The Definition of Men's Formal Attire

"Accessories are like final touches on a painting. They complete the masterpiece."

A sophisticated suit outfit is a hallmark of a man's elegant style. However, while choosing the best suit according to the occasion is the dominant element in formal attire, suit accessories also play an equally important role, giving final touches that grant the outfit some attitude.

In the same context, just as the suit itself represents a blend of style identity through craftsmanship quality and tailoring details, suit accessories should also complement the look with character, being  a vital part of a clothing concept.

Tailor's collections are always influenced by the brand's innovative spirit that fuses with its rich tailoring heritage and are decorated by exclusive suit accessories that ensure a distinct style to formal attires.

Necktie or Bowtie for the groom?

Either way works. Each selection has its own reasons to be. As important suit accessories, Tailor's neckties are heavily linked with the finest formal men's attire and wedding suits. By enhancing the intensity of your suit through their color and design palette, highlight also a custom style for different occasions.

Tailor's bowties, regardless of color or design, are far more dramatic  in a sense and as a distinctive proposition, give a charisma to the whole look that makes it an outstanding choice for dressing in weddings or formal luxury occasions.

As a rule of thumb, neckties look better on men with round faces while bow ties fit most those with a rectangular face shape.

Pocket squares & suits: A timeless affair in men's formal attire

A pocket square shall not miss from a pocket of a man’s jacket. Pocket squares are considered a must in Tailor's style dictates, and generally an exquisite accessory for a blazer. Their designs vary from classic to contemporary with several patterns to choose from, or solid colors, while being made from yarns such as silk and wool, sometimes considered as a  luxury touch to a well-dressed approach.

Suspenders and Italian suits

Suspenders have two essential meanings: functional and stylistic. In the past, their role was more practical so as to hold the pants in place and ensure freedom of movement. Now, they are a dapper’s favourite note of a sartorial style, inspired from retro looks and always matching to the suit’s variant and pattern. Rather very British in their heritage, they revamp classic Italian style in pair with a Tailor’s Italian shirt, necktie and pocket square.

Cufflinks: The sparkling detail in the groom's suit

They are not always visible yet prove to be extremely significant accessories that add a formality to any dress shirt, moreover at a wedding look. Tailor's collection offers a selected range of cufflinks that pair well with the iconic white dress shirt.

Men’s Belts: Where harmony meets robust style

Man's leather belts are indispensable accessories to an integrated formal men's attire. Crafted from genuine leather, men's belts do show elegance, ensuring practical use and curated approach at any formal occasion.

  1. Luxury black leather belt
    Luxury black leather belt
    60.00 $


Men's suit accessories define every single occasion. Therefore, their role goes beyond personal style with a tasteful manner. In fact, they become a cohesive bond with the rest of the outfit, in order to achieve balance and charisma. Visit the latest collections by Tailor and discover the finest Italian luxury suit accessories, enjoy their top-tier quality, and complete every formal attire with unmatched elegance.