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Men's Accessories are like salt and pepper in gastronomy. They are not the main ingredients for a recipe, but they do add an extra flavor! Accessories have the same role and they shall not be missed at any look.

Necessary Men's Accessories: Always in fashion.

Accessories will determine your final image and do tell a lot about your character and personality.

Let’s review what those garments every man should possess and whether any of them could be an investment for the future. Certainly, history has partially answered this question. It proves that if an accessory looked good 10 years ago and still looks good, it is likely that this will be the case for the next 10 years. So these are men's accessories that will always be important to a man’s wardrobe.

#1 Sunglasses

Few accessories can exude more charm to a man than a pair of elegant sunglasses. Stylish and necessary for all seasons, they are associated with iconic movie stars such as Steve McQueen. It's no secret that their most popular styles have changed little or nothing over the years. Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmasters are some examples that have been worn by so many men of different ages.

#2 A leather wallet

The use of mobile phones and credit/debit cards for payments has significantly reduced cash transactions and the need to keep them. But that doesn’t mean that owning a leather wallet is not necessary anymore.A wallet remains an elegant accessory that many men want to possess and make use of. Synonym of an organized way of life and great professionalism the wallet has allocated spaces for everyday transactions. Many men choose to carry their monogram on it, a choice that demonstrates their connection to this essential accessory.

#3 The Watch: The ultimate male accessory

A timeless and typical male accessory the man’s watch is perhaps the only piece of masculine jewelry. Whether it is a classic leather chronograph or a stainless steel bracelet when it comes to a men's watch, it is an object that lasts a lifetime and is commonly to be inherited from generation to generation.

#4 Leather belts

A good quality belt offers much more than just keeping your trousers right on the waist. The belt balances and also wonderfully unifies the top with the bottom part of your looks. The leather belt remains a solid value and a classic men's accessory.

We suggest at least a brown and a black for classic attires. Then one can experiment with styles and colors to match sneakers and loafers. Knitted belts are an option in summer and leather belts with vintage metal buckles are a trend to watch.

#5 A white pochette

Any elegant attire must be matched by a white pochette. In the past, Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart always brought this iconic accessory in their pocket while today Tom Ford and Daniel Craig never appear without it. It is therefore a strong sign of elegance and a gentleman’s choice. Whatever mood or message you want to convey, there are many versions of square pockets available in different colors and patterns. However, the white version, in cotton or silk, is the essential elegant choice also in cases where black tie is the dress code required.

#6 Cufflinks

It is a men's accessory that in recent years seems to have lost its popularity. Its use is becoming more limited, connected only to very formal moments such as weddings and ceremonies. Said this, the occasion demands that an elegant and well-dressed man will treat it more as jewelry rather than an accessory. You don't have to have dozens of them, but one or two classic cufflinks are a good option to have in your drawer. A good solution is a stainless steel or silver in a simple and timeless design.

#7 The socks

Socks are often overlooked and as an important male accessory. However, women are very cautious when it comes to distinguishing a man's style through a pair of socks. They surprisingly seem to have the ability to make a difference right away. Socks not to be missed are dark-colored in wool and cotton. Although some trends often promote the use of patterned socks, the case is that you are better off with plains. A safe rule of thumb when you want to match a pair of socks with your outfit is to go to a darker or lighter tone to the tone of the trousers you are wearing.

#8 Scarves and foulards

The epitome of functional style, the foulard, is worn both in winter, spring and autumn, while the heavier version of the scarf is exclusively used in the winter months. We refer to the scarf and the foulard as functional style accessory as many decide to purchase and use them for protection due to weather conditions. Particularly popular is the printed foulard in a variety of colors that liven up and highlight the total look. On the contrary, the scarf, usually plain, enhances harmony or contrasts.


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