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Travel Style Men: When traveling comes along with contemporary upper casual looks

In a world where we all travel more often and far, a cosmopolitan culture marked free of distances at all levels, constantly seeks opportunities for creativity beyond the ordinary. Travel style emerges as a sartorial trend that incorporates the need for comfort with personal taste, exuding flexibility and adaptability under the veil of undeniable elegance.

Whether it's business travel, or leisure, travel style has become important for every man with a wide range of interests and a high aesthetic criterion in his attire. Eye catching yet effortless, meticulously crafted down to every detail yet minimalistic, contemporary yet entirely personal, traveling style serves as a brilliant testament to a man’s dedication to perfection and irresistible charm in every circumstance.

Big issue: The men's blazer

The semi-formal realm of the blazer holds the power to shape the overall outfit and define its essence. This pivotal starting point effortlessly paves the way for crafting a sophisticated personal style, seamlessly adapting to various destinations and occasions.

Tailor deconstructed blazers fuse timeless elegance with contemporary fashion trends, reflecting the core of Italian menswear but readdressed through innovation. Meticulously designed with a mix of deconstructive elements and refined sartorial details, they exude an airy allure of the Mediterranean. Notably, use of premium natural materials and their semi-lined construction provides a remarkable flexibility, granting unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. This inherent advantage makes them perfect  blazers suited to any occasion, effortlessly combining style and ease.

A wise selection of men’s shirts

The language of elegance is fluently spoken by any man who recognizes the indispensability of a classic men's shirt. A cornerstone for declaring well dressed, it never fails to make an impression with its understated allure, clean silhouettes, and subtle nuances. Thus, it is essential to procure refined, versatile shirts, preferably in timeless solids, to effortlessly exude unmatched style while on the move.

Tailor's collection of smart shirts begins with the essence of timeless designs, forming the bedrock of a capsule wardrobe. What sets them apart lies in their meticulous attention to detail, offering you a unique avenue to effortlessly showcase your personal aesthetic. By simply changing your shirt, you have the power to transform the entire mood of your ensemble. From the enduring charm of a crisp white shirt with a structured collar to the youthful appeal of a mandarin collar or the bold elegance of discreet shoulder or pocket accents in vibrant hues, Tailor's impressive array caters to your individual tastes. Guided by the pinnacle of Italian fashion, the collection presents a statement of refinement.

Elegant men's pants in mix-and-match variations

Travel pants are no other than all your essential clothing pieces: neat and versatile. No matter your personal style, denim pants or chinos are a basic and popular choice.  A need for comfort and attention to trends are highlighting pleated pants crafted from stretch fabrics. These are perfect travel pants in tailored and elasticized waist models. 

Get inspired by a top-notch collection of stretch pants crafted with sartorial details that enhance the garment's aesthetics, imbuing care and sophistication into your ensemble while guaranteeing comfort and practicality. A fine fusion of authentic tailoring and innovative technologies applied, Tailor pants blend Italian finesse with innovative functionality and freedom of movement in a meticulously curated collection that involves contemporary sartorial trends.

Think of Layering: Discover the multiple levels of Travel Style

When venturing to cold-climate destinations, don’t miss the opportunity to experiment with garment layering and possibly different textures that may prove essential protection to your travels. The essence of travel style lies in adapting to various conditions, dress code necessities, and aesthetic inclinations. Formulating  a stylish shield against the chill, indulge in Tailor’s turtleneck knitwear crafted from merino wool yarns. Pair it effortlessly with your favored denim trousers, and enhance your ensemble with a tailored or wool jacket from our extensive collection. Elevate your sleek and commanding look with a wool or silk Tailor scarf, carefully selected to complement your complexion. Alternatively, opt for varying shades of the same hue, spanning your shirt, trousers, and densely knitted Tailor cardigan. Our knitted jackets epitomize casual elegance, endowing you with a contemporary, masculine allure. Finally, gracefully drape yourself in your cherished warm overcoat. This relaxed approach not only simplifies the art of outfit creation but also emanates an aura of minimalist luxury. Remember, true elegance whispers discreetly and irresistibly, never clamoring for attention from others.

Men's footwear elegance

In the realm of essential travel companions, footwear is a key element. Prefer timeless shoe models of unrivaled comfort, also featuring in Tailor's collection. A series of supple leather shoes boasting a timeless smooth finish, ensuring carefree and all-encompassing travel style. Or indulge in Tailor's iconic sneakers, gifted with a blend of a contemporary upper casual line and comfort, wonderfully paired with softly constructed blazers.

Set your travel apparel with proper accessories 

One can be elegant without adding too much. However, you can elevate your look by paying attention to some details that could make a difference. Don’t neglect, for example, a well-crafted leather belt. Tailor's luxury belts provide coherence and harmony to your appearance while offering order. Browse  our collection of luxurious belts with glossy or matte finishes in the most classic colors for men and showcase the best version of yourself. Additionally, if you have planned a more formal outing at your destination, make sure to wear your pocket square. Tailor pocket squares are hand stitched, crafted from silk. A man of style shall never miss a pocket square in his jacket.



Upper casual travel style embodies the ethos of men who prioritize functionality under a forward-thinking mindset. It manifests uniquely based on personal taste, while adhering to the fundamental principles of elegance, comfort, and aesthetic expression. Discover the curated selection at Tailor's online shop and craft a striking travel wardrobe that authentically portrays your personality.