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Delivery Time and Cost

We offer worldwide delivery and returns. We do collaborate with international courier services to provide reliable and fast deliveries. Our shipment services include:
  • FREE delivery and returns for orders of total value of €50 and over within Greece.
  • FREE shipping costs and returns in all EU countries for orders of total value of €500 and over. For orders less than €500 we offer competitive freight rates calculated at the final step of the transaction.
  • For extra EU and all other countries of the world we offer competitive freight rates calculated at the moment of the transaction.
  • Free refunds refer only to the first return of the product. In the case of a second refund, the cost is borne by the buyer.
  • In the case of customs control, either in the case of shipment or in the case of return, the cost of customs clearance is fully borne by the purchaser.
At the moment your order has been assigned to a transport courier, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail along with the tracking number & link to the courier's website.
You mat also note that delays may arise in cases such as adapting products to customer requirements, depending on delivery area, customs controls, in unforeseen circumstances (eg extreme weather, strike, force majeure) or when it is impossible telephone or / and e-mail communication with you.
In any case we are here to help you solving all questions may arise!