Discover the unmatched quality and unpeccable fit of Tailor Italian Wear men’s jackets and blazers. Browse jackets and blazers through an attentive selection of fabrics and models destined for eclectic tastes in a seasonal basis. This is a collection of Italian jackets and distributed directly to consumer.

Jackets are the smartest way to get dressed. Single or double breasted, formal or casual the Italian sharp tailoring and the finest fabrics certainly make a difference to a sport coat. Providing a wonderful sense of comfort and elegance, TAILOR mens blazers have all those traits and it's up to you to select your favourite. Experiment with different styles and colors.

Men’s blazers all year round.

In this particular category you will find a series of modern tailored blazers for men. Contrary to a suit, the blazer misses suit trousers. A careful selection of Italian fabrics, many of them subject to esclusivity will satisfy any need and be appropriate at any season or occassion you require to wear them.

In our collection of casual men's blazers you will find pieces to wear at a family gathering or a night out but also in work environments where strict dress codes missing. Treated fabrics, natural soft yarns and uncostructed tailoring fit you sharply everytime you wear one of the Tailor Italian Wear jackets. Their slim fit is a dominant feature of the jacket collection but comfort is attained through a series of unique tailoring secrets to render our fashion blazers unique and most importantly suitable for you!

Jackets and blazers are also popular at events and social gatherings. They are somehow the pillar of a smart casual dress code. No man can be well dressed without a jacket. While selecting a good quality wooljacket is sometimes a challenge, we are pretty confident that the best options are available here.

A range of Italian fabrics like cotton and linen or wool, silk and linen blends are lightweight and breathable to wear during spring or summer seasons. Others like knitted jersey fabrics have been also used in making some of our top selling products all year long.

For the colder months of the year we propose flannel wool and knitted jackets but please consider in having a tweed wool blazer. At the Tailor Italian Wear collection you can find the Dream Tweed fabrics of Loro Piana for blazers. Nothing really compares to this type and fabric, as it is woolen, soft with a touch of silk or cashmere. In terms of sport jackets may form the best option at a man's wardrobe for winter and fall time.

Tailored cuts and fits.

Sharply tailored suits are what we strive for. We want our customers to enjoy exclusive men's clothing with a slim fit. An attractive smart look like this requires expertise and attention to detail in every component like tailored men's jackets and mens tailored trousers . And for this reason we develop a special fit for men who desire comfort and modernity to match a smart look. Modern fit are expressed through our tailored suit jacket models Vomero 7R and Revival 8R. Most of the blazers of this category fall into these two models. They feature notch lapel and are available in solid colours, checked and plaid patterns making it highly likely that you finally find your next favourite italian wooljacket. We offer a selection of single breasted, double breastedsport coats and blazers. The double breasted blazer is the essential blazer for men, and contrary suits for men the lapel is thinner and features flap pockets

Our men's tailored blazers come in different styles and so are their pockets.

Choose the right color.

Once found the preferred style, it’s time to choose the color of your blazer. Men’s blazers, contrary to popular belief, come in many color variations. Ranging from dark tones like black to lighter ones like beige and various shades of grey. The list is endless! If classic colors though do not excite you particularly and you wish to experiment more with your look you can go more personal by choosing some sophisticated tones. A new option of light solid coloredblazers and suits such as ocher, green and pink can add personality and form unique wardrobe opportunities. The classic blazer colours include all different shades of blue such as light blue, royal and navy blue. A navy blazer is synonymous to tailored men's jackets and it not strange that well dressed men possess at least a couple of them, while still consider them for a purchase. Said this, blue blazers can be dinner jackets are definitely a smart way to dress and are so usuful in forming foundations to a man's closet that lead to such great outfits.

No matter what season you want to wear your blazer, what color, style or occassion, TAILOR is here for you. Trust us in this wardrobe journey and you will be rewarded with tons of compliments about your looks. We know the man's blazer and its secrets better than anyone!

In love with a grey or a green blazer? We at TAILOR know the feeling. And for this, we have also made available to you some of our best pieces for men's dress through our online shop. And don’t forget the classic charm of a brown blazer, perhaps the proper color for a sport jacket.

Although some men are sceptical on this one, we urge you to try this one as if you match it correctly, you will look stunning! An advice is to try using some light toned chinos and sweaters for the rest of the outfit. This way you will add brightness to your looks. This is an excellent colour choice, both for sunny and colder days.