Men's Knitwear

Discover the most impressive knitwear online with fashionable fit from a wide range of knits and turtlenecks in wool, merino wool and wool mohair. Enjoy the gentle feel and elegance of a merino wool turtleneck and give a sophisticated image to your outfit or combine a crew neck knit with a shirt and chinos trousers for the most casual moments of the day.

Knitted sweaters are characterized by the type of neck. In the Tailor collection you will find tights, knits with neckline or V-neck, as well as cotton sweaters and cardigans, which are perfectly combined with men's polo or t-shirt, depending on the style of each occasion.

Knitted TurtleNeck
Being a type of knit with bohemian and at the same time retro feeling, turtleneck have conquered a significant part of men, due to the convenience they provide. They can be combined with a jacket, completing a formal look, or with a jacket and coat in everyday appearances. They include a high collar that covers the neck and turns at its base is addressed. The perfect fit, the high quality and the emphasis on detail in combination with the variety of colors, from the most basic to the most intense and special colors, are the elements that make them one of the most favorite choices.

Knitted with Crew Neck
The crew neck is the most popular choice of knitted sweaters. With a collar low at the base of the neck, it can be combined perfectly with a plain shirt or with a patterned shirt, giving a more youthful mood to the whole. Another piece that can be combined and worn as a base is the t-shirts, offering practicality and style with a minimalist mood. A special place is also occupied by the plain knits, knits with tops on the elbows, or knits from wool, as well as from mohair wool, ideal for completing your winter look.

Knitted V-neck
Knitted with a V-shaped neck is another basic knitted sweater, an alternative to knitted with a crewneck. The V-neck can be sometimes deeper and sometimes less, at about the height of the neckline, thus offering the option, depending on your preferences. Although a less prominent choice, as V-neck t-shirts are more popular, it has a fanatic audience that dares to prefer it even in the coldest months of the year.

Men's Cardigans

Men's knitted cardigans are divided into subcategories starting from cardigans with buttons or in a high collar, or in a V-collar and ending in cardigans with zippers, which can sometimes be very fine in the thread and sometimes look like a jacket. A classic choice for the most sporty outfit are the 100% cotton cardigans with a hood. They can be combined in a similar way as sweatshirts, giving an extra choice for stylistic combinations.

Sport Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are an ideal choice for a sports or athleisure outfit. The fact that it is 100% cotton, guarantees durability, allowing the body to "breathe" and making it suitable for all seasons. The most daring can combine it with a coat and jeans, giving a fresher and younger look to the ensemble.