Superficially the prime function of the overcoat is to protect you from the cold, wind and rain. An appropriate overcoat for the right occasion is always a true statement of style, as much as any other part of a true gentleman's wardrobe. To highlight your personal style and respond to any occasion by stealing the impressions, choosing the right coat is crucial. In our collection you can discover a huge variety of coats made of quality natural and durable materials, which contribute to a carefully completed look with an emphasis on detail. Discover well-tailored pieces that can successfully serve both your sport and your most casual smart looks.

Single or double-breasted?

Men's coats are divided into two main categories depending on their line: single-breasted and double-breasted:

Single-breasted coat

Classic choice for men who want special elegance and special prestige in their look. Their medium and modern fit, as well as the light details in the seam, undoubtedly offer the comfort you are looking for in a coat, embracing and highlighting your body in the most appropriate way. Simple and elegant at the same time, the single-breasted coat is perfection in simplicity.

Double-breasted Coat

Their most "strict" fit and their cross clasp are the elements that differentiate them from single-breasted coats. The black color in the cross coats is a timeless choice, which guarantees a harmonized whole. However, the most popular colors are gray and blue, with camel and olive following and being added more and more to the tastes. In terms of designs, monochrome is predominant, as they are a safe and guaranteed choice, but without excluding checkered patterns and stripes, for the slightly more adventurous, who want to explore different patterns and colors in terms of their appearance.

Woolen coats are the ideal version of the genre. Along with protection from adverse weather conditions, they give you style and elegance. Longer or shorter in a more minimal line, Tailor Italian Wear coats cater to all tastes and requirements.

Quilted Jacket

Suitable choice for your most casual or even sporty looks. Ideal for men who prefer everyday looks or want to give a casual note to a more formal ensemble, quilted jackets are an attractive choice with guaranteed success.

Trench coats

An overcoat similar to coats, but in a more casual style and with a different fabric. A harmonious combination of the two coat categories, the trench coat is a suitable choice for the man who is looking for something lighter to accompany him in his daily obligations, as it is made of artificial waterproof fabrics and therefore can respond to any weather conditions.