A unique selection of modern Italian fit men's polo shirts & simple t-shirts at the best cotton and linen fabrics. In a great variety of designs and colors, ideal to give comfort and style to your summer and spring outfit. We are here to offer you products that match any style and preference, always with quality and professionalism in mind.

A man with grace and dignity that loves style should always be dressed appropriately, even during those hours out of office. Summer and spring are the seasons where most people tend to get out more, gather with friends and family members and have enjoyful moments. To help you achieve a less serious yet classy style even then, we present you some high quality polo t-shirts and long sleeve pieces.

The men’s polo shirts of the season

When combined correctly with the right trousers and shoes like loafers, polo t-shirts make every man look stunning and appealing. The color and material are two factors worth considering in this case. At TAILOR we manage to provide you with the latest trends in fashion for both, either online or at our store departments.

Like every year, you will find some pieces that are timeless, like white t-shirts or beige ones. This type is, in essence, the canvas that allows you to add your personal touch to the rest of the outfit. Always making sure that you have achieved the ultimate clothing combination.

T-shirts starring cotton material

The best material that there is for the t-shirts you choose is cotton, of course. The fabric of this type is very breathable, strong and has excellent cooling properties. Essentially this means that it helps your skin remain dry. And this is something extremely important especially during spring or summer seasons. However cotton should be preferred all year round as it is a soft material and requires normal care.

In our collection, you will find cotton, cotton elastan or cotton polyamide t-shirts that serve this specific purpose without compromising on a stylish appearance. We know how important it is for our customers to wear something which matches their preferences but is still a good choice in terms of quality. And this is how we bring to you the best pieces.

For the rest you will also find more special pieces, two-tone long sleeve sweaters as well as t-shirts with pearl buttons and collar shirts. The latter ones are ideal for those who want to highlight their masculine side, in a classy and modern way.

Opt for the bright neutral shades to create an outfit that exudes a lighter mood, different from the bold one when you are at work or in a significant meeting. If you wish, you can select even more informal t-shirts like those with crew neckline. This neckline is very popular among people avid for men’s wear and we don’t wonder why!

And if you still want to retain the formality even in less serious moments, dark tones are the best way to do so, like blue or grey. The mystery these shades create make your look unique, serious yet of modern touch.

For semi-formal occasions, there are still many options out there. You can pick the t-shirt of your preference and pair it with a well-sewn overcoat such as formal jackets or blazers. The variety of men’s polo shirts you will find in our online shop will definitely leave you spoilt for choice!

Long sleeve shirts for the light breeze

During transitional seasons it is highly advisable to dress accordingly. To achieve this you can have some light, long sleeve sweaters in your wardrobe. At TAILOR we manage to cover even needs as this, by bringing you great pieces that distinguish for their simplicity and classiness. Sewn with care and with much attention to create the best result possible, you can also see these types of clothing. Brought to you online and in stores, we are more than proud to give such great variety to the people who show us their support and love.

Enjoy some plain patterns and colors in men’s polo shirts, with a fit slim that perfectly embrace the body and take your style to the next level. Browse through our products and we are more than sure that you will find what you are looking for.