Discover the unmatched quality and unpeccable fit of Tailor Italian Wear men’s shirts. Browse through an attentive selection of fabrics and models destined for eclectic tastes in a seasonal basis. This is a collection of men's shirts produced in Italy and directly distributed to consumer.

The collection of Tailor Italian Wear shirts was launched as a business shirts and dress shirts collection, offering a selection of men's dress shirts to match with a blazer . In time, were added a series of casual shirts of a sport chic taste. These matched with sophisticated craftsmanship that results to slim fit shirts of exceptional comfort and its collar stays firm high.

Men’s shirts for every age and type.

Well-made shirts are essentials for men's wardrobe , regardless of age or type. The range of dress shirts and casual shirts varies from plain solid colours such as white and blue shirts to floral and pattern printed shirts . Mens shirts vary depending on occassion, style and taste.

Shirts for men should be a firm choice for both casual clothing and formal attires, as wearing a shirt is a man's thing.

Men’s dress shirts .

This timeless category of long sleeve dress shirts preserves its classic character and is a safe choice at nearly every occasion. Tailor Italian weardress shirts have single cuffs and are crafted from 100% cotton of single and two ply weaving made by the best Italian and English shirting manufacturers such as Albini, Canclini, Monti and Thomas Mason. Men's dress shirts are usually plain in colours of light blue and white but also checked in prince of Wales and window pane pattern as well as striped. There is an infinite number of stripes for men's dress shirts and some of the permanent in the Tailor collection include bengal and butcher striped shirts.

At the dress shirts collection you will also find a number of no iron dress shirts that are wrinkle free and also available in stretch cotton . No iron dress shirts are becoming more and more popular for their easy to wear approach. Stretch cotton shirts are also a capsule collection of the Tailor Italian Weardress shirts and include dark colours such as black and dark blue plain dress shirts .

We are proud to offer a fabulous range of fabrics, suitable for every season. Our newest collection of dress shirts features only quality shirting fabric styles with high thread counts and complex construction (80/2, 100/2, 120/2). Furthermore, we invest in research of articles that feature comfort and performance charateristics such as natural comfort cottondress shirts and thermo control cotton shirts . These dress shirts make also great business shirts for being suitable to match with a tie. A tie requires a collar that is not necessarily a classic collar, but a collar that suits well with a mans tie. The tie should neither be wide or thin as a wing collar is neither too high or low as a collar.

Our dress shirts are slim fit . Slim fitdress shirts are sometimes considered not easy to propose in an office look and many prefer a classic fitcotton dressshirt instead. Our dress shirts for men are perfect fit and not necessarily stretch . They come in spread collar style instead of point collar and always with a wrinkle free treatment . A long sleeve dressshirt is the perfect fitshirt to match dress pants . In this case, an oxford dress shirt is always valid.

Men's casual shirts .

The category of men’s casual shirts is other than ordinary. The collection of casual men's shirt ranges from exclusive prints and indago denim shirts to cotton jersey and linen ones. A particular attention is always drawn to casual shirts and men's button down shirts .

In particular, men's shirts of sophisticated printed patterns and printed floral designs are available both in summer and winter seasons. Floral patterns work well with jeans and linen trousers for a more casual, street look. The jersey casual shirts are men's shirts of a natural elastic cotton yarn , high twisted to be flexible. These knitted casual shirts are an ever increasing in volume capsule for their easy to wear and easy to match approach.On the other hand, you can always opt for a denim shirt or a chambray shirt to match your tailored trouserswith a more casual garment. They usually come in automatic buttons and front pockets for a pure casual aspect. Casual shirts can either have a cutaway collar or a button down collar . Button downs are not particularly popular lately, ours do not feature a chest pocket and contrary to dress shirt features they come with ankled cuffs and an extra button on sleeve .

At summertime the men's casualshirt capsule has also a choice of men's linen shirts. Men's linen shirts are either delavè or yarn dyed. The delavè linen shirt has a more casual character, while yarn dyed linen is more of a smart dress style . Moreover, there are also options of linen and cotton and other blends of linen shirts. Tailor Italian Wear promotes the use of quality linen made by producers that fall in the Masters of Linen category. These linen shirts represent the linen somehow missed all these years in favour of cheap dubbious qualities.

Last but not least, we propose mens checked shirts. Tartan shirts of high yarn counts made by the Thomas Mason shirting mill are not usual tartans. The mix and brightness of colours and particular attention to pattern design make a difference to our offering of checked shirts.

Men’s formal shirts .

Being formal specialists, we offer a selection of men's formal shirts in a variety of styles and suitable for a black tie event. The pillars of the formal shirt collection are men's white shirts . In particular, men's white shirts are available in dobby designs, satin plain and twill wrinkle resistant cotton . Formal shirts for men feature either curved cuffs or double cuffs ( French cuffs worn with cufflinks ). Formal shirts include also black and dark blue shirts . These are excellent wedding shirts featuring a clear chest and pointed collar styles that match well with a dinner suit.

The range is enriched with front pleated tuxedo shirt with black buttons, the necessary shirt for black tie dress code. Tuxedo shirts are also suggested in a mandarin collar version of exclusive design. Finally, amongst tuxedo shirt options, there is the classic wingtip shirt of pure formal character that matches with a bow tie . Men's formalshirt are worn at particular occassions and events and sometimes are also called wedding shirts because of their frequency in demand for weddings and engagements. A tailored fitwhite shirt is suggested with a white tie in this case.

Not simply slim fit shirts .

Men's shirts most often fall in generic categories such as cotton shirts or slim fit shirts . The Tailor Italian Wear shirts share a common fit with two plackets , based on the great Italian tailoring tradition and an innovative approach from the brand. Whether worn with a suit or a casual jacket, a man's shirt has to be felt just right. Our men's shirts are definitely slim fit . This means that the shirt is somehow felt embracing body, and while for some men this is not necessarily a pleasant experience, our shirts are pure joy to wear . Slim fit shirts of ours follow body features and posture, made with a high armhole and special tailoring methods that maintain collar firm high.

The Tailor Italian Wear made in Italy shirts are all crafted with a single stitch needle at sides, a specialised production method that few are capable to offer and reveals the quality of the shirt to the connoisseur. The collar is made with semi soft internals fitted with removable stays, so you can easily change between a formal look and a more relaxed outfit, with or without a tie . A handmade gusset is applied on their sides in order to enforce seams. Quality of manufacture also contributes for shirt to not wrinkle as much as cheap shirts do.

Men's shirts of quality.

Whatever matches your needs, we are here for you to provide you with a perfect fit dress shirt , casual or mens formal shirt, in any way possible. Select styles that bring you closer to some of the most special shirts of the season.