The last but important touch to your outfit! Discover a wide variety of the best ties and bowties in different designs, colors and fabrics, a variety of prints such as classic polka dots or stripes, as well as more unique ones such as paisley. Dare with pastels or more intense colors that promise to blend perfectly with the rest of your ensemble and create the perfect result. 

Ties are the accessory that will give the right tone and character as it will complete your outfit in the best way. From the morning in the office where a silk tie with a pattern will give you the business look you desire, until more everyday moments where a knitted tie will upgrade your image.


The jacquard design is either monochrome or otherwise a weaving product. Plain and in regimental stripes are the classic timeless ties. It is the most common choice without this meaning that you can not impress wearing it. One of the most suitable choices for the office since they are discreet and at the same time beautiful. Silk or with admixtures of wool or linen is a good choice for both formal and everyday appearances.


Prints are a big trend. Polka dot prints in different colors and sizes offer a more formal mood to your look. Bolder choices are the larger and more complex prints that come in different color combinations. Blue with white to red with blue or orange with brown are some typical examples. Of course, you have to combine it with a monochrome or striped shirt to stand out. Do not forget to always follow the rule so that the tie is in a more intense shade compared to the shirt you will wear.


For men who want to appear dressed in a tuxedo, the bow tie is one of the most basic elements of this outfit. The black classic silk gives shine and elegance for impressive and unforgettable looks. If blue again expresses you more do not hesitate to dare it as this is a formal color that will magnetize the eyes. You can see what suits you best with a visit to our physical stores.