Discover the unmatched quality and unpeccable fit of Tailor Italian Wear men’s trousers. Browse through an attentive selection of fabrics and models destined for eclectic tastes in a seasonal basis. This is a collection of Italian trousers directly distributed to consumer.


The Tailor Italian Wear collection of men's tailored trousers is elegant and unique. This collection of mens trousers are segmented in men's formal trousers, casualmen's trousers, men's jeans and men's tracksuits. Trousers or pants as called in the U.S. english are available both in seasonal fabrics as well as permanent all year long fabrics. All tailoredmen's trousers come with a tailored waist, instead of the prefabricated waist of the majority of trousers.

Men’s trousers - the key to men's clothing.

We create a collection of modern men's trousers of exceptional quality using only the best Italian fabrics. Trousers are fundamental elements of an outfit because men's trousers flatter a man's bodytype and should fit perfectly in order to provide satisfaction. A shopping bag should always contain a pair of trousers.

Slimfit trousers are essentials when matching a man's jacket, some more loose pleated and straight leg trousers flatter men of a young age that follow trends and trousers' styles. Men at a work environment seek contemporary formal trousers, while smart casual trousers seem more right for everyday outfits. Whatever be the case, there is no doubt that here you will find the ideal pair for any casual or formal occasion.

Cotton men’s trousers.

Men's cotton trousers are excellent for a year-round style. Cotton is an ideal material for both summer and winter men's trousers. Contrary to the belief that considers cotton trousers as casual, they - depending on the quality and finishing- can be a great smart option.

The Tailor Italian Wear cotton trousers are always crafted from stretch cotton. Most trousers models follow a slimfit approach, so it is important that a small degree of elastane renders cotton flexible and comfortable. Comfortable trousers are important when slimfit trousers models are concerned. In addition, cotton trousers can be single pleated trousers or double pleated trousers. Men's pleated trousers are back in trends, and Tailor Italian Wear keeps updating the collection with a number of them.

Cotton used for tailoredtrousers for men varies from drill cotton and 4 ply cottons to sanded cottons or corduroy trousers. These make perfect pair of trousers for autumn and winter. On the other hand, spring and summer cotton trousers are made by lighter often satin type of cotton or subtle twill cotton.

These are the reasons of their popularity as the easiest and most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Popular shades include blue and beige cotton trousers. Obviously, not to exclude white and black cotton trousers, a classic pick. For a more smart take, wear a pair of trousers in earth tones paired with a shirt and a blazer .

Men’s chinos.

Chino trousers or simply chinos are the men's trousers that are usually cotton twill trousers, piece dyed and washed that have a more casual aspect in respect to cotton trousers. Being a very popular category, men's chino, are suitable to wear all year long. The Tailor Italian Wear men's chinos are crafted from high quality Italian cotton and are dyed free of toxic methods to ensure health and safety of workers and customers. Basic quality feature of chino men's trousers is endurance in fit after wearing and washing a couple of times. That's why is important to purchase quality chino trousers despite the fact that are being offered in all kinds of prices for their casual styles. Tailor Italian Wear offers a series of slimlegchino trousers ranging from plain white and beige to navy chinos and grey chinos and furthermore with an addition of seasonal colours such as green, brown and others. Chino trousers work perfectly as casual trousers matched with t-shirts and bomber jackets, but also can be really nice with casual shirts and uncostructed blazers. Trousers and chinos make also beautiful cargo pants that we carry in collection.

Mens linen trousers.

Linen trousers are seasonal trousers. Linen as a material is used mainly during summer, due to its lightweight, cooling properties. Linen trousers are also men's trousers that feature a certain volatility in demand. Ultimately, the Tailor Italian Wear collection has been suggesting linen in trousers mainly as a blend. So instead of pure linen trousers, you can find linen and cotton trousers and linen and wool trousers. The linen and cotton trousers are the casual version of linen trousers, while wool and linen blends is a more formal approach to linen trousers. The reason we are suggesting blends is to manage excessive wrinkle of fabric during endorsement, as this is something that bothers men. This way a man can enjoy the cooling properties of linen trousers keeping smartly dressed all day long.

Oviously, only the best Italian fabrics make part of the Tailor Italian Wear collection of linen trousers. When men's linen trousers are concerned, there are endless colour choices, but we recommend light and earth tones. These can be white and beige linen trousers, but also it's essential to keep a pair of blue linen trousers or khaki linen trousers, colours that have always been considered classic linen.

Men’s wool trousers.

Wool is a classic for men’s formal trousers. Contrary to what many believe, wool makes wonderful suit trousers either for autumn and winter or spring and summer. The major difference between winter woolen pants and summer wool trousers is the finishing of wool used. This makes for example flannel wool trousers and excellent example of men's winter trousers for the wool being warm and flanneled. Instead, summer wool trousers are better called cool wool trousers, a classic example of summer men's trousers. Cool wool trousers are crafted from cool wool a shaved type of wool of light weight and excellent endurance. Tailor Italian Wear selects the best merinos wool from reknowned Italian mills to prepare the tailored trousers collection.

The colours vary and depend on the season but nearly always feature grey and blue flannel trousers for winter and blue, grey and black cool wool trousers for summer. Wool trousers form great formal trousers, perfect for work dress code and a great choice for a series of formal occassions such as black trousers. Apart from our regular fit plain wool trousers, we also offercargo trousers in wool and plaid and tartan woolen trousers.

Jogger trousers mens.

This a new generation of trousers for men. Jogger trousers are a pair of jogging bottoms with an elasticated waist and a cord. The idea behind men's jogger trousers is that waist is more comfortable rathen than a firm waist and easily adjustable through drawstring. Men's jogger trousers are crafted by either cotton, wool or linen or any of a blend of these. Men's jogger trousers of the Tailor Italian Wear collection are slim and always crafted from stretch fabrics.

There are also tracksuit trousers or men's gym trousers. Men's gym trousers differ to men's joggers due to the fact that waistband is not tailored. Furthermore gym trousers are almost always crafted from technical cotton blends or polycotton. Men's elasticated waist trousers is another variable of the jogger trousers. Men's elastic waist trousers are similar to them but drawstring closure is missing. This detail makes elastics waist trousers to be matched with jackets and blazers for all type of outfits or occassions. The Tailor Italian Wear collection of modern fit trousers propose elastic waist trousers with a plain front waist and elastic wrinkles present only to latter and back sides. This way men's elastic waist trousers look more smart and can be easily introduced at the work environment or a more formal occassion. The Tailor Italian Wear collection features also suits with elasticated waist trousers.

Mens jeans.

Men's jeans are wardrobe essentials for every man. Men's jeans vary style and models and all brands offer their own version of. The Tailor Italian Wear jeans are men's jeans made to match uncostructed Italian blazers. These guarantee perfectslim fit jeans. Being stretch denim jeans they also provide also comfort.

TAILOR Italian Wear offers a wide range of men’s trousers for every taste and style. Their outstanding quality makes them firm favourites for many men. Additionally they make a great gift. Visit our shop or browse our exclusive offers online - we’re sure you will find something for you or your loved ones!