Classic waistcoats from unique fabrics and design in a modern Italian fit. Plain, patterned or double breasted that you can combine harmonically with your jacket or your suit and get an impressive and chic look with timeless style from your casual to your formal outfits.

A special & classical trend

The best use of a vest is to be an additional piece for your jacket or suit, creating impressive complete looks. In some cases, especially in the summer months, it can even replace a jacket as it is solo wearable with trousers combined with a shirt or a t-shirt. The designs and colors vary, allowing you to play with many unique combinations.

Of course, waistcoats are an elegant choice, especially for weddings as a part of the grooming clothes - creating a beautiful light contrast with a dark suit.

Explore our Waistcoat collection to find vests in various qualities from woolen fabrics to winter shirts as well as to cotton or linen for summer.

One-piece vest

The most common type and simplest type of vest. The one-piece vest is combined with a jacket as well as a suit and is recommended for all body types.

Double breasted

The crossed men's vest is a personality choice as it is chosen by men with their point of view and style of dress. The fact that its use requires its fastening in an absolute way, makes the cross vest more suitable for thinner body types.