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The knitwear guide

Sweaters and knits are increasingly becoming a favorite in a man's wardrobe. They come in many designs, colors, yarns and qualities. But sometimes your quest to find a good one maybe harder than you think...

Part of the subject is to define what’s the value of  a sweater in terms of quality, design and fit.

 A good sweater worth purchasing must:

  • Be made of natural materials or a mixture of natural materials (wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, etc.).
  • Properly fit to body, sleeves, shoulder and waist.


Men's knits generally help men move between seasons, add textures and layers to their clothing, stay warm in cool environments, and of course style them. This article recalls how the knitted sweater has historically evolved to be a classic piece for today's men's wardrobe and how to choose a good one as everyone must have a few!


Sweater history

 Like most clothing, the sweater's story is largely functional. It began as an indispensable garment for those working in occupations that needed warm and durable clothing to protect themselves from the elements of nature and was generally a garment for the lower social classes.

Until the early decades of the 20th century, sweaters remained a functional garment for some professions and community groups, but all changes when fashion becomes the driving force behind clothing choices.

 Between the 1920s and 1970s, film and rock stars, such as Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, Mick Jagger and Michael Caine, wore all kinds of sweaters, establishing their role as casual-cool elements. for men's wardrobe.


The main styles:

Round Neck (crewneck): These are sweaters with rounded and narrow neck collar. Today it’s the most popular style of sweaters along with V-necked sweaters. It can be worn with a shirt or simply a T-shirt. 

V-neck: Here the neck collar is V-shaped not round. Due to the cut at the collar, this sweater is best worn with a shirt and tie and may be slightly more classic in style.

Turtleneck: It is characterised by a high collar usually folding to cover entire neck. Great to wear in winter times, this type of sweater does not require wearing a shirt and is purely versatile mixing from sportswear to blazers and suits. 

Cardigan: The cardigan’s main theme is a front zip or button opening and closure. The most common is a v neck front chest version and buttons and some other versions include Korean style collar editions  with either zip or button closure.



When choosing a knitted sweater one usually aims to buy the best possible quality at the best price. It’s important to review care labels and opt for natural yarns such as wool or cashmere instead of some mix of natural and synthetic materials. If more details are provided such as the particular country of origin of the fibers (eg Australian extra fine merinos) it is more likely that there is a higher traceability of quality  that sometimes justify a higher price tag.


Cashmere is a precious form of wool both in terms of softness and warmth that is named after the particular goat race raised in the area of Kasmir, between India and Pakistan. There is however great variation amongst different cashmere qualities and of course also prices for cashmere knitwear. The reason is that not all types of cashmere are the same.

When choosing sweaters or other cashmere products, beware of the color and size, especially the number of layers (the so-called ply) of the cashmere yarn from which the garments are woven. Also a Mongolian cashmere is far more precious than a rigenerated type of cashmere - calling this the recycled cashmere.

Buying high quality cashmere knitwear is difficult. In any case, use common sense. A €100 cashmere sweater is unlikely to be of the best quality.

Merinos wool

Merinos wool in particular is known for its very high quality fine yarn. All knitwear made with Merinos wool is precious and of excellent quality. Featuring its soft texture, warm feel, wrinkle resistance with its natural elasticity and breathability due to its 100% natural origin, all Merinos clothing is comfortable, warm and always aesthetically pleasing emitting a luxury image. In respect to cashmere is definitely more resistant in peeling and that makes it a more commercial choice. 



Just like any garment worth wearing, your sweaters should have the right fit. Unfortunately, because the sweaters are knitted, they cannot be modified and therefore finding the right and proper fit from the shelf is essential.

  1. The shoulder seam should sit directly where the top of the shoulder bone ends.
  2. The sleeves should end at the base of the wrist just above the thumb.
  3. The body should fit comfortable but always charming.



Tips for proper use of your knitwear

  • Sweaters are always stored neatly folded rather than hanging.
  • Minimize and avoid excessive washing of your sweaters. The less the better! A good vent after wearing will do the trick.
  • Wash your knitwear and sweaters according to the care label instruction. Tumble dryer is strictly forbidden!


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