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This is the age of freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of movement. Everything unnecessary, or in other words, any kind of stereotype that tries to limit things as they’re going, stands against the voice of the new - perhaps unexpectedly - revolutionary uncompromising generation.

In the transition from the old school "think out of the box" to the much more promising "just be what you are", Tailor understands these social changes of lifestyle itself and translates them into an original code communication through creative clothing proposals promoting unique concepts - that basically are free of any certain concept! Interesting, isn't it?

And first of all, it is the very shift of everyday working life from strict formal wear to an upper casual version, which has intensified as new generations change the heart of the global economy, that shows the way.

In a globalized environment of limitless communication, the once heavy-handed tone of formality that keeps its distance set back making the way to lighter and more outgoing options, which, thanks to their unparalleled elegance, top-quality materials, and the intelligent care of designers, escape the limits of casual clothing, building a bridge to a new - and very interesting - world.

Men's pants according to Tailor's philosophy

Tailor's heritage is intertwined with elegance, quality materials, and vision through each of its collections. Therefore, the base of the garments has traditionally tended to hug the body, offering the ultimate freedom of movement. Pants are no exception.

Only in this case, the balance between elegance and comfort is a special challenge. Thus, while the presence of the pleat lends comfort to the seat and flexibility of movement, the majority of Tailor's models narrow at the end. At the same time, if there's one thing that's never missing, it's the lapel - which fits perfectly with the brand's concept of sophisticated style.

At the same time, elastic waist, drawstring, zipper, and internal buttons coexist harmoniously, overcoming the theory that casual and formal cannot match in terms of business clothing.

Coming from a sartorial background, which mutates into a series of innovative design proposals, Tailor's upper casual trousers mix tailored trousers with a tracksuit feel and elements, proposing an inspiring logic of new formal clothing that has its own, distinctive identity.

Nothing is more comfortable than Tailor's stretch pants – But how is that?

Special features and fabrics that constitute Tailor's stretch pants are the secrets behind their exceptional - almost natural - comfort.

Pants whose fabric has elastic properties are characterized as stretch. Elastic properties result either from the presence of elastin - often referred to as lycra or spandex - or from natural elasticity due to fabric finishing.

They are basically divided into two categories: monostretch and bistretch. Monostretch exhibits elastic behavior horizontally, while bistretch both horizontally and vertically.

A common feature in both cases for Tailor is that all its stretch pants offer a unique combination of comfort and style, spontaneously following the body. In this way, the final feeling is identified with absolute freedom of movement, an advantage that is maximized vertically in the context of a business attire look in the working environment.

The fabrics

Tailor is committed to using stretch fabrics for the vast majority of trousers in its collections.

Thus, both cotton twill chinos and cool wool are impregnated with a small percentage of elastin. The same is with wool jerseys as well as blends with stretch characteristics either through natural or mechanical methods.

Knitted jersey pants have a special place, which requires special know-how for their weaving and stitching.

Pants as the leading stars of the upper casual look in the Tailor collection

Pants are the key to men's outfits. And that tells us how important is their casual character. Inspired by the liberated and personal character of the era, Tailor's joggers & sweatpants were created to present an elevated version of casual style, through bold features that allow them to pair with both tailored jackets and casual outerwear.

Discover all the pants of Tailor’s new collection online or by visiting one of our stores in Athens and Thessaloniki.