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Men's shirts are a basic part of the men's wardrobe, reflecting the aesthetics and character of the man who wears them. The key to choosing the appropriate shirt is the quality of the fabric and its perfect fit, while the color and the design follow next!

The available qualities

Fabrics like all clothes are made from various raw materials. Those that are naturally available (cotton, linen, wool, etc.) or produced artificially (viscose, polyester, nylon, lycra, etc.) or a combination of both. Fabrics from natural raw materials such as cotton, linen, and wool are considered ideal for a good shirt so they always have the advantage.

Cotton shirts

Cotton shirts are very durable, cool, and allow the skin to breathe, while offering a perfect fit on the body. Ideal for all types of shirts from formal to more sporty options and, of course, all year round. In terms of colors and designs, the options are infinite! Suggestions that are worth trying beyond the timeless easy iron, or oxford are the knitted and jersey qualities. Their natural elasticity and soft feel will rank them at the top of your preferences. Special mention should be made of the lightweight giro inglese with the special weave, either with a classic collar or the special choice of mykonos. Also popular are cotton chambray fabrics with the light and cool feeling of linen but without the crease!

Linen shirts

Linen is a great solution for the hot summer months as it is very cool, durable, with a pleasantly soft texture, and creates a style with a more relaxed mood. Their "disadvantage" that they wrinkle easily is also their charm!

Wool shirts

You will find wool in fine thin shirts or admixtures with cotton, with a fantastic feeling like a caress on your body. Very good choice for warm winter combinations with a knitted sweater made of merinos or cashmere wool. Finally, artificial fabrics have been used more and more in recent years to create clothes and consequently shirts to give a performance and a little more sporty character due to their elasticity and durability.

Tailor shirts are all made from top fabrics of famous Italian factories such as Cotonificio Albini, Tessitura Monti, Canclini, and other famous English manufacturers like Thomas Mason. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are talking about the foam cream on shirt fabrics and in this way you can enjoy some of the qualities that exist.

Find your fit

The main lines in the shirts are the regular and the slim fit.

  • The regular fit is usually chosen by those who want a more relaxed fit on their body and is considered the most classic line.
  • On the contrary, the slim fit is ideal for those who want the perfect fit with the pliers on the back to play an important role in it.

We devote a lot of time and effort to creating the men's shirt that is defined as the perfect fit and the quality of construction that is strictly Made in Italy plays an important role in this. All the shirts in the Tailor collection have some details that make them stand out:

  • Our shirts have two "flattering pliers" on the back, but we refuse to describe them as just slim fit. And this is because it is these kinds of pliers that do not bother you or narrow you when you sit and usually the shirt opens, but they fit snugly on the body at all times.
  • More importantly, all our shirts are made with the "1 AGO" method. This means that all the side seams are double, ie they are sewed by single thread machines that repeat the process for the result. In low-cost productions, all the side seams are made by machines for double sew, with a dubious result.
  • In all our shirts, only ivory buttons are used
  • We differentiate ourselves from other quality shirts by applying specialized sewing techniques, from Italian masters of sewing, to emphasize elements such as cuffs and collars in a way that respects the human body and its proportions.

The two categories of men's shirt

There are the two main categories of shirts if we can classify them somewhat, the ones that are for everyday use at work or on our walk and the ones that we use in our most formal moments.

  • Formal shirts

In formal moments such as the wedding or any other important event that your image must be flawless then the shirt you choose must be appropriate for the occasion. A cotton plisse white shirt with a double cuff for cufflinks and details of black buttons would ideally complement a tuxedo. If you choose to wear a bow tie instead of a tie then the choice of a white shirt with a French collar and hidden flap (with hidden buttons) seems like the right move.

In case the above seems too much, then a good white shirt with an Italian collar on the collar will get you out of the difficult position whether you wear it with a tie or a bow tie even plain. An extra choice that you will find exclusively in TAILOR is the Parigi collar. A highly impressive shirt, with a collar that looks like a mao, with the difference that the reinforced inner flap makes the collar stand upright with the final result being really impressive.

  • Business and casual shirts

Plain (white, blue, light blue), stripes and plaid shirts should not be missing from a man's wardrobe for every business of casual look. Plain shirts will always give you a clear style and you will be able to create infinite color and stylistic combinations with suits, jackets, and pants for all moments of the day.

Stripes are timeless choices and can take off a classic business outfit, especially with the right men's accessories like an impressive tie. The plaids can be worn from work and the office with woolen and cotton pants to the most relaxed hours and days of the week with jeans and a leather bomber jacket.

For more casual and special looks with a light mood, you can choose from a wide variety of printed shirts with impressive designs such as floral or paisley. The exceptional qualities in the fabrics play an important role here as well, both in the capture of the colors and the designs and in the unique feeling that they give!


Working with leading fabric manufacturers worldwide, combined with specialized sewing techniques, and Italian finesse, Tailor offers its customers the ultimate sense of quality, slim fit application, and style in men's shirts! Visit one of our stores and find your next shirt!