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Evolution; derives from the ancient Greek word ἐξέλιξις  <ἐξ + ἑλίσσω (be evolved, making progress)

A flexible maneuver is often enough to lead to great success. This rule, which widely has been confirmed through battlefields, confrontations, or famous sporting events in the history of mankind, follows no different path when it comes to men's fashion.

It’s time to welcome the new era of formal wear. A new era with a different mindset. A fresh world of inspiring ideas that question the current status of men’s clothing, and explore new and incredibly interesting paths to new experiences.

But first, let's start with general admission: fashion and the way the modern gentleman dresses up have changed. And it continues to change in the context of a wider social change from the strict & classical to a more free, personal style of expression at all levels.

From vision to design...!

Tailor, keeping as a constant source of inspiration its love for innovation, is at the forefront of this wave of change in men’s clothing and driven -always- by personal taste, experiments, creates and proposes the most refined edit of the so-called new formal style.

Aiming to highlight a distinct identity, Tailor's cosmopolitan character explores a new aspect of classic formal menswear. Fascinated each time by the prize of yet another unique proposal, our designers ensure comfort, quality, and authenticity, away from unnecessary forms, and invite the modern man on an exciting journey of inspiration and (self)discovery, to become the best version of oneself.

How is the new formal style interpreted through the new collection of Tailor

Our new collection shapes modern fine menswear in each of every category.

Starting with men’s blazers without padding but with flex behavior from mixed luxury raw materials, the beginning is set with the combinations with slim shirts made from long-woven natural cotton stretch fabrics. In this way, the suit becomes more lightweight, even when it comes to wool flannel fabrics.

suit mixed materials

mixed materials fabrics

Then, come the tees. Men’s t-shirts crafted in luxury knit vanisè are now the ultimate shirt alternative with a suit, with their refined design offering a very high level of elegance to the final outfit.

Continuing in the same mood, we meet the men's footwear in classic forms but reinforced with modern rubber flex soles, which give a soft, comfortable feel, perfectly balancing with the freedom of the suit.



The men's coat, on the other hand, comes unlined and without padding, simulating the blazer in its heavier version, while the lightweight trench coat, made of memory technical fabrics instead of the traditional classic heavy cotton, almost embraces the tenderness of the look.

Suit with sneakersGenerationshows the way

Suit with sneakers. A case with a history in men's fashion makes its reappearance after a 20-year of absence adapting to Generation Z who live and breathe wearing sneakers.

And here we are! Timelessly bold and versatile, Tailor's Italian suits pair comfortably with sneakers in a modern new formal look, making the perfect balance between formal and cool style.

new formal suits

This ideal match is not a coincidence. The fabrics exclusively produced for Tailor are always in a matt and dry finish and are considered a symbol of the modern approach to tailored suiting, allowing easy integration of combinations with stylish sneakers.

Consisting of unconstructed blazers - mainly from the Vomero line - and carrot pants with pleats and lapels at the end, are ideal in combination with sneakers, especially when worn shorter than the ankle. With or without socks depending on the season, they become role models of authentic sartorial streetwear.

pants with sneakers

Suit with sneakers: The next day through Tailor’s perspective

In collaboration with the famous textiles of Biella in Piemonte, Italy, the creative team of Tailor develops new fabrics that simulate knitted jerseys while maintaining the performance of traditional draperia.

The final result gives the feel of a suit with the almost limitless comfort of a leotard in a refined sartorial image.

Sneakers, on the other hand, are transforming into a field of exploration for traditional footwear. Thus, handmade delavè dyed leathers are stitched in blake - the stitching typical of handmade footwear- on sporty rubber soles. The result? Greater comfort and unsurpassed style are evolving and becoming one.