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A man's winter wardrobe is complete only when there is a rich variety of knitted sweaters. Men love their knitwear, as they can wear them in many wonderful combinations from morning until night. Timeless and inspired by the most authentic masculine charm, men's knitwear is intended to meet every need in the cold of winter, while their natural elegance is a stylistic proposal that flatters any men’s style.

However, if knitwear with a round collar or v-cut neckline is the most classic choice that can be easily combined with a shirt or plain, the ones that effortlessly capture the eyes are the men's turtlenecks.

History lesson: The evolution of turtleneck in men's fashion

In their earliest versions, men's turtlenecks were worn by knights, who used their high necks to prevent rashes and rubbing from their chains and helmets. Many years later, they were used mainly by workers, athletes, and sailors, probably because of the high neck, which works as a scarf and offers extra protection.

By the early 1900s, turtlenecks had become an iconic garment for celebrities, artists, progressive politicians, and other countercultures or revolutionary figures who rejected traditional formal men’s attire. The French philosopher Michel Foucault made his characteristic appearance, while many European movie stars brought the look of the rich and the elite.

In the 1960s, designers such as Yves Saint Laurent introduced turtleneck sweaters into professional clothing, replacing the classic men’s shirts, with this proposal appreciated by powerful men such as Senator Ted Kennedy.

Nowadays, turtlenecks have returned and are available in a variety of modern styles that you will love, continuing to be an outfit designed to make the difference in a man's everyday outfit.

Offering an absolute feeling of warmth on the body and at the same time, giving a very elegant and masculine style that reflects prestige and beauty, they can be worn comfortably with a jacket and jeans for a more relaxed look, but also in combination with a jacket, coat, and anti-pants for a formal outfit.

Discover the Italian turtlenecks by Tailor

This year's collection with men's turtlenecks by Tailor is full of many pleasant surprises for every gentleman. Enjoy their wonderful sense of warmth and their refined elegance, through modern combinations with timeless notes, completing the ultimate smart-casual look for any occasion.

In the winter collection 2021-22 there are two different turtleneck designs. On the one hand, the design with the emblematic stitch in knitting with a composition of a premium mixture of extra fine merino wool and cashmere in a tailored fit, available in blue, brown, and green. On the other hand, the plain design of fine merino wool, which stands out with its bright, shiny texture thanks to the special painting design. They are available in emerald, ocher & coral color.

Discover our knitwear guide to make a perfect choice!


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