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"Never underestimate the power of will... " Will is perhaps the most powerful source of motivation behind every action. The will for power, the will to make big dreams come true, the will to change.

If there is one area, however, that causes the biggest domino effect on multiple levels in someone's life, it is undoubtedly the field of career. And that’s why, as we are moving forward to Fall, we welcome this special period of the season that is considered, more than any other, the perfect timing to get all big career decisions.

Not by chance, we have to admit. Unlike the calendar year, our work-clock restarts all over again in September, right after the summer holidays. New beginnings awaken new motivations, bringing to the top of our interest the willingness to rediscover ourselves through new - and more impressive - goals.

Embracing this beautiful kind of hunting of glorious ambitions, the new collection of Tailor | Fall 2022 is inspired by the legacy of the brand and - always based on unparalleled quality - focuses on comfort through the unique sense of fit of its clothing, arming with confidence every gentleman to go hunting his professional goals in his own, unique, authentic style. 

Nothing superfluous, emphasis on quality

Formal attire for business

The new concept of the collection is characterized by a lightweight attitude regarding the autumn and winter season. Pieces are made from precious materials such as pure virgin wool in superfine grades, but at the same time, they are processed with modern tailoring methods as a result of the constant research and innovations aspired by our brand.

Freedom of movement - again - is everything. The fabrics are made stretchable to give comfort and naturalness needed to a work environment. The goal is to create a unique sense that reflects both during a job interview or every day, the feeling of confidence.

Colors go beyond the usual gray or blue shades, following a bold opening across the palette of warm earthy tones that add more brightness to the clothes in this Fall's collection – the starting point for a look that radiates a positive mood. 

Something more than professional clothing

professional clothing

Every businessman knows that the appropriate dress code is an investment in his career. Rather, business attire concepts are another way to introduce ourselves, creating a visual narrative that - often - can describe more than a thousand words.

In other words, the quality and combination of clothing and accessories are key to achieving a higher level of self-confidence in every aspect of our daily life.

For this reason, Tailor's approach, keeping alive the vision that has distinguished the brand over the years, comes strongly and highlights a modern style of dress code for the office - and at the same time ideal for going out, or for a weekend outfit. A balance between innovation and tradition, through themed collections that guarantee a blend of excitement, elegance, and long-term investment. A complete, contemporary styling with a distinct identity, commencing from a vision of the Tailor designers but made to adapt to each one's personal taste. This results to a total look journey of a single stop shop.

Tailor's perspective on modern business attire

modern business attire

What started in the US decades ago as Friday clothing, today has been transformed into the business attire of the modern western world. Tailor is trying to explore a new, interesting perspective on this, matching the casual approach during work with the finest man's style.

Our proposal naturally finds (what else?) the blazer as a core for creating a modern business outfit. Our men’s blazers stand out over time because they showcase a different approach, in harmony with modern aesthetics. With natural shoulders and half lining, but completely fitting all over the body perfectly, Tailor blazers offer an incomparable feeling that is impossible to exchange once you experience it.

The new collection consists of blazers with stretch fabrics, something that offers even greater comfort.

At the same time, the classic man's shirt is re-evolved and proposed in jersey-type knit fabrics, through a color palette that ranges from the classic white and ligh blue and extends to brown and black. As an alternative, eyes on the long-sleeve t-shirt with the shirt cuff, as well as the crewneck knitted sweater in merino wool.

stretch pants

Additionally, men’s pants with an elastic waist made of innovative materials complete the look, reflecting creativity, willingness to change, and adaptability to the new environment.

The footwear, meanwhile, continues to maintain its contemporary character, with flexible rubber soles inspired by the British shoe tradition in designs and lasts.

Finally, trench coats and overcoats in light and over in fit, being the extra layers to complete a Fall or Winter look. They become versatile garments that can be adjusted to each outfit while maintaining a top degree of effortless elegance and comfort.

This is it – Discover the collection!

Find out more about the new Tailor collection and how it can inspire your everyday life. Check Shop-by-look in to discover the complete clothing concepts or visit our stores in Athens, Glyfada, and Thessaloniki.