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Every groom stands out with his attire and his wedding suit at the big ceremony! However, the groomsmen have their own outstanding role in the ceremony and must face the challenge with comfort and style.

For this reason why we will review all the options, from the choice of the traditional men's suits to an alternative two-tone combination of a single jacket matched to different trousers, the pros and cons of each case and the tips for making your best choice whether it’s about the best men’s wedding wear or wedding guest suits!

Best man and groomsmen suits

The first role after the groom definitely goes to his best man. The man who essentially participates directly in the whole ceremony, accompanies the groom and gathers all eyes on him. To be able to deliver to the event with class and style is important to feel confident having an outfit that ensures an ideal sense of flexibility, but also the necessary comfort in all of his movements.

We suggest that the best man and groomsmen follow the groom's pick options and opt for a dark 3 piece suit in case the groom has gone for a tuxedo or perhaps a mixed linen suit in case the wedding's theme is a bohemian one. The principle should be to follow the general concept and show coordination.  

Do not forget that the wedding day is a long-last day! Getting dressed starts very early with a prospect of an attire that will last long, from the pre-celebration events that lead to the wedding's church and ritual up to the wedding venue. The requirements are high and so do the expectations from the suit attire, making the final choice even more challenging!

The notable guests: Τhe father & brother

The brother and/or the father of the groom and the bride enjoy an equally outstanding role. Especially when a brother or father is walking the bride down the aisle, emotions and pride are at heights making the selection of a suit attire a decision of great importance.

The family should show class and unity through their dress and it is strongly advisable to decide on a common style guideline to follow. A luxury suit made of superfine wool perhaps in mix of mohair or silk and matched with a pearl grey tie could become a classy look to adopt.

Certainly, in any case, it all starts with elegance. To be able to enjoy the evening, it is necessary to primarily enjoy the look in the mirror reflecting the best version of both through the men's suits of your choice.

The hidden rules for best man's wear

All of the above regarding the best man suit or groomsmen suits is not under restricted dressing rules, as it is usually the case with the groom's dress code.

That means that the final choice for a best man suit can be more flexible, as it does not have to follow necessarily a rule. The most polular but also classy option is the men's suits. Through a range of designs and styles, you can find the right suit that matches an elegant look with a timeless charm.

We suggest that groomsment and best men are dressed in 3 piece suits. The additional waistcoat will grant formality and somehow hide any imperfections.  Although there is no limitation to patterns or styles the most popular are plain suits in navy, black or sometimes grey that depending on the season can be in lighter or darker tones. Fabrics on the contrary should always be light and smooth finishing. 

We suggest black derby or oxfordf shoes that fit the attire and reflect formality. You could go for elegant leather loafers in case socks are not your garment.  

Finally, tha best man should not opt for tuxedos, which is a most definitely groom’s attire!

Alternative two-tone suits

With a tendency of adopting more alternative versions of wedding menswear, there is an increase in demand in creating outfits mixing blazers and trousers, which allows them to show their creativity but through a more semi-formal look with blooming characteristics.

In such a case, a combination of a different color of a jacket with trousers permits numerous options. A classic version of this kind is the navy blazer matched to grey trousers that could become white trousers during summer months.

The combination between a different jacket and trousers is following the rule that one of the two garments must be lighter in color than the other, to achieve a color contrast as a total look. For example, if you opt for a light-coloured jacket you could equally match it to dark-coloured trousers - i.e. dark grey or navy. On the other hand, a dark man's blazer is always better in the context of lighter colored pants.

As for the shirts, the same level of flexibility in choices also prevails. From plain shirts to lightly patterned shirts, they can well support the guest on any wedding invitation.

Accessories - shoes for a complete wedding look

Whatever the options, details matter and should not be overlooked. These are the accessories and the right dress shoes. An addition of a tie and a pochette, as well as a nice pair of dress shoes will connect all garments and add the final touch to a man's wedding attire.

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